State to DuPage County: You are NOT Special

DuPage County is the only county in Illinois where candidates need to get three times as many petition signatures as required by state law.  Last month the Illinois Senate took a look at DuPage County’s  exceptional requirements for filing a petition to run for office, and unanimously voted to strike down the provision.

Yesterday the House of Representatives Friday repealed that provision of the state’s election code with a 65-49 vote.  Gov. Blago now needs to sign it.

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GE Residents To Lose Ackerman Woods

I wrote briefly about Ackerman Woods before. Residents protested, and it appears have been ignored again.

Cutting down over 340 trees for a flood control project and soccer fields, according to the GEPD, is a necessity.

Tightening Their Belts

Deputy VM Fieldman Now Acting Village Manager

As approved by council tonight, Deputy Village Manager Dave Fieldman was moved up to Acting Village Manager, effective immediately.

Dave has a good grasp on the current projects, and provides for a boat unrocked by further waves of change. Everyone already works with him, so they already know him.

This sort of blurry shot was taken last January at Public Works.

Fairview Village Expansion Goes To The Mattresses Updated

Both sides of the Fairview Village expansion effort have pushed, pulled, and jockeyed for position. On one side is Fairview Village, (history here, and present offerings here) an exceptional senior community that offers a wide variety of housing and care options for residents, and has proven a good neighbor on th east side of Fairview Avenue south of 63rd Street for many years. On the other are the residents of the west side of Fairview, who have looked at the single home residential zoning in their area change to higher density use twice, and are looking at it again.

Click on image for a full sized view. What was to be seven single family homes may now be 32 condos and a clubhouse.

Correction: I had assumed Jim Russ Jr. represented Fairview Village. He does not. Although at the meeting, he is not their attorney. I will say, as I did originally, that Russ knows the turf, and knows the boundaries of the turf that makes up what is acceptable to the Plan Commission and Council, resulting in good success getting projects he represents approved.

Plus, I had enough feedback from elected officials, I went back and found several errors.

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Memorial Day

Note: I wrote this a couple years ago. I’m just posting it as is.

Tales told to a child while my Dad and two of my uncles played three handed double deck pinochle

I just got back from the cemetary. While there, memories surge into unexpected places, pulling pieces of the past forward to the near present. On Memorial Day, they flow into the stories of WWII told by Dad, and by my uncles, sitting around a linoleum topped dining room table.

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An Unexpected Meeting Resulting From an Unexpected Walk in Lyman Woods

On Thursday May 22 members of the DuPage County Forest Preserve District, the Downers Grove Park District, ERA Consultants, several concerned residents, and three of us from the Pierce Downers Heritage Alliance met at the Park District to discuss damage done to Lyman Woods. The following email sums it all up pretty well. Sometimes the system works pretty well, too.

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Estimates for State Shared Municipal Revenue in Municipal Fiscal Year 2009

It appears Momahey‘s comments for caution regarding revenue receipts have some support, in a revised report released last week by the Illinois Municipal League.

In this report, Estimates for State Shared Municipal Revenue Fiscal Year 2009 By Anne Masters, Chief Financial Officer IML; and Larry Frang, Executive Director IML, several key state shared tax revenues are looked at, with 2009 estimates given.

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Pwned by IReadItInDG!

May 17, 2008 VOLUME 6
We all live in a busy world surrounded by the written word. The Times, Newsweek, The Journal, The Tribune, Grover News, Streetwise and the rest. Throw on top of the garbage heap the national, statewide and local blogs…we can’t read it all!
I’ve decided to take one off the list for you. Now you can read the best of the best of the Downers Grove Blogs without having to wade through them post by post.

Hey what about me? You forgot me! There’s so much here to disagree with, and I hardly get any comments.

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Endgame & Village Official Statement

Tonight, the village council held the executive session hearing for Village Manager Cara Pavlicek. She attended with her attorney, her first time in village hall in almost a month.

5/21 Escort reference deleted. Thank you for the correction.

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Not Alone, Not Unique

Lest residents think our PD is the only one that cuts down trees to make way for better parks, here’s a little nightmare from Glen Ellyn, where it’s not about cutting down 40 trees.

No, try 342 trees.

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Don’t interfere with my free market. Don’t bring those people into my village. We don’t want trash living in homes they can’t keep up. Don’t tell me who I can and can’t sell to. Keep the government out of the real estate market. Yada yada yada. Blah blu blah blah blah. When it comes to housing, there’s no shortage of people lining up to tell other people what they can’t do. You can’t do this; don’t you dare think about doing that.

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Update Housekeeping

An Unexpected Walk in Lyman Woods

A flurry of exchanged emails later, it appears the damage done was due to two factors, mainly the discovery of construction debris (cinder blocks, etc.) that the contractor dug our and removed. The big rutted tracks will be graded and seeded, and everything should be back on track this year. The garlic mustard they wanted to nuke with herbicides is on hold until they take another look at the pest plant disposal options. PDHA offered some weed pulling laborers (hey, and we’re legal laborers). Last time the PD did a weed pull, volunteers eliminated almost 600 lbs. of the stuff (!).

A Packed Agenda Updated

The IHDA request for bond cap got a fair hearing. Council took great pains, especially Mayor Sandack, to separate the housing issue from the cap request. DGreport regular John Schofield spoke to the point, about the small economic stimulus that can help a couple realtors and families, and how the benefit ripples outward to home improvement stores etc., and that the families who would benefit from it are able to make the payments and be a valued part of the community. Plus, it costs the village nothing, nada, zip. Commissioner Schnell asked all the tough questions, and Robert Morsh from the IHDA had all the answers. Durkin suggested the program be tailored to village employees. This program might benefit 5-6 families at best, so it is modest and measurable.

And Sandack got the big council laugh of the night; he meant to say the $1.3 million cap grant as proposed was not a big deal, but he said $1.3 million was not a big deal. As he said it he realized his mistake, as did the other council members, who gave him the appropriate off the mic grief as he backtracked.

Council’s Cell Conundrum

After Tuesday night’s packed house and impassioned pleas to council to reject the PD cell tower plans (which they can’t, see the original post), I expected a big turnout at the PD board meeting asking them to hold up and reconsider. Not a single person from Tuesday attended tonights meeting.

Council’s Cell Conundrum

I talked about the two cell towers coming before council in A Packed Agenda. The Plan Commission voted unanimously to forward a negative recommendation on both towers.

The village council, however, is damned if they do, and damned if they don’t, and really has no choice.

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An Unexpected Walk in Lyman Woods

I was invited to become a board member of the Pierce Downer Heritage Alliance after the last election, and I took them up on it. PDHA does many worthwhile things for the people of Downers Grove, mostly unrecognized. Their seminal contribution to Downers Grove was organizing the effort to coordinate the Village, the DG Park District, and the DuPage County Forest Preserve in purchasing and preserving Lyman Woods. In 2007, Lyman Woods celebrated 20 years of nature. A skeptic at first, after many trips through the different areas, now I get it. If you don’t get it, take a hike. Really; get yourself over there on any day and take a hike.

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The ICMA Man

How did I get the correction on Pavlicek’s ICMA membership (instead of being a Director, as listed on ZoomInfo)?

Simple. A member of the Executive Board of Directors of the ICMA called me. And agreed to exchange emails with me. And was his usual unfailingly polite self.

Who is this guy and why am I writing about him?

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A Packed Agenda Updated

If you ever wanted to see what a village council meeting is like in person, this coming Tuesday would be a prime night.

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The time stamp function on this blog was not set correctly, running 11 hours ahead. It is now one hour behind. Bear with me.

John Schofield also suggested I might consider editing what I write.  I go back and correct grammar, and if there is new info that modifies what I have written I will try and update that, but for the most part what you see is as I type it, with the thankful addition of spell checking, because I am a lousy typist and often flip pairs of letters, like teh instead of the.  Granted, most of my posts would shrink by about 50% if I did edit…I will think about it.

The ICMA Connection

Cara Pavlicek is a Director member of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). Last night, Don McEachern, CEO of North Star Destination Strategies, mentioned in his presentation that he spoke annually at the ICMA conference.

This may explain why North Star Destination Strategies was recommended by staff. It remains to be seen whether or not Pavlicek’s departure will effect NSDS’ hiring.

More later.

Sources: CP’s ZoomInfo saying she is a Director is, I have been advised, not correct. This is also where I got her work history and dates.

Pavlicek: Terminated

Repeat offender?

LaVista Lady Says:May 7, 2008 at 3:29 am e

“Perhaps someone should look into an abuse of power (both professional and personal) while she was here in Nebraska…sounds like her pattern of behavior is repeating itself once again. Maybe this time, she’ll be the one to pay the price.” Comment #3 made in Where’s Cara?

Motion 00-03312 Contract Status Village Manager. Sponsor:Mayor

Effective Tuesday May 6 Cara Pavlicek’s contract with Downers Grove as Village Manager is terminated. Approved by council in a 7-0 vote.

Correction: The Motion to terminate was approved.

Elaine Johnson at DGreport has the why here…


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