On-Line CRC Now Off-Line

“The Community Response Center (CRC) was created to improve communication between the Mayor, Village Council, Village staff and residents. The goal of the CRC is to enhance the Village’s effectiveness in dealing with concerns and requests. Maintaining an open line of communication with residents and businesses is a top priority of the Village Council.”

“The Community Response Center (CRC) uses a database that allows the Village to document concerns and complaints received from residents and track the follow-up and actions associated with them.”

Through November 2007 there have been 3,319 contact records for the village via the CRC.

The on-line CRC is a pretty cool tool. Using the Trackwise CAPA software , any contact to the center receives a number that allows for the record to be tracked as it winds it’s way to resolution. Several residents used the CRC to report multiple building violations at 4929 Forest, along with dozens of other inquiries monthly. Other high volume times are after storms, reporting flooding and tree damage.

The “Residents Guidebook to Residential Construction”, written by residents John Scofield and Charlie Smart, provides detailed instructions how to use the on-line CRC to the residents benefit. They also give hands on directions how to call in and email the CRC.

The on-line CRC is down. I don’t know when it happened, but you call in, or email the village.

With the CRC going off-line, that process just got less transparent.

I emailed the CRC and asked when it would be back up. I also email Liangfu Wu, Director of DG’s Information Systems Department, with the same question. I’ll post whatever response I get.


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