PACE Bus Circulator Study

There are not direct links to this, but here’s the PACE BUS Circulator Study. Click on Project Reports, then scroll down to Service Specification Reports. Downers Grove has the full report. Chapter Three has the estimated costs, and estimated sources of revenue, such as they are.

“The planned service is designed to be integrated into the current shuttle service creating a more effective and comprehensive system. The planned service is also intended to complement existing Pace service.”

This quote from the Executive Summary indicates this is not a changeover from the shuttle; this something different and additional to the shuttle, not made entirely clear at the council presentation by the study presenter.

This does not look like it has any impact on the shuttle, and would be an additional cost to the DG budget at some level, from a couple hundred thousand up to 1.5 million each year.

I’m still leery, and if it’s outside the shuttle, I’m more leery/less enthusiastic. Of the four trial run communities, we have the most ambitious plan. Addison has no bus service to speak of, so one line running through the middle of town works for them. Wheaton; the study is just adding a route connecting the train station to the County Complex on the west side. Lombard is kind of a smaller scale DG plan.

At this point, I’d say show me where the money comes from, then let council deliberate the particulars.


3 Responses to “PACE Bus Circulator Study”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dump the buses.

  2. DGDood Says:

    You gotta get off the bus thing. Poisin.

  3. chad walz Says:

    I vote to dump the failing bus system also!

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