Interview With Mayor Sandack


Note: This started as an offshoot of discussions and postings here and at I specifically would like to thank everyone who participated with questions, whether I used them or not.


We all can have different opinions, but in the end we all have something akin to affection for the village we live in: that is why we care, and that is why we share common ground.

Mayor Sandack, thank you for participating in this on-line interview, and let’s jump right in.


What do you see as the top three agenda items for 2008 now that stormwater is being addressed?

Storm-water implementation; other important capital projects like roads, sidewalks and water-lines; Village budget; and the Belmont Underpass (yes, I know that’s four).


What’s been the toughest campaign promise to follow up on?


The revised ethics ordinance was fairly challenging as there was some spirited debate. But that’s a good thing—high-minded policy discussion is what our Village deserves on important matters.


Is your leadership style more like:

Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck, or Captain Jean luc Picard?

Why would anyone suggest these two?


What is your early take on the PACE circulator plan?


Conceptually it is interesting. But from a financial perspective I believe it may well be impossible to implement without being cost prohibitive. I am not jumping to any conclusions and will wait for all of the information. Admittedly, I am skeptical it is doable as conceived.


What’s your favorite beer at Emmitt’s?

1 a.m., and the other ale (can’t remember its name).


Do the people you work with ever razz you about being a mayor?


Sure. That’s natural, isn’t it?

Will we ever see a Belmont underpass?


I believe so and am working feverishly on it. See the article I wrote for The Grover if you want a thumbnail sketch of the history and present status.


Thank you, Mayor, that ends our interview…and now,

The Lightening Round! 20 Questions!!!

1. Ready?

No. But have at it.



2. Mayor of Woodridge?

Mayor William F. Murphy.



3. What item was purchased for fire and police vehicles in 2006, but that the village hopes never get used?

AED’s Automated Electronic Defribulators. If they get used that means it’s a life and death situation. They been used successfully and they are affectionately called the “George Board” after my friend, George Nicholaou.



4. Population of Downers Grove?

50,616 give or take.



5. Airspeed of a fully laden swallow?

African or European?



6. Who said “The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”?

Oliver Wendell Holmes


7. What kind of car do you really want?

An American well-used one. My wife rides in luxury, not me.

Incorrect. You want a used Yugo with racing stripes.

Wait, no I don’t…

8. Think you will ever grow your beard back?

That depends. My wife prefers that I don’t so it may not re-appear.


9. Mayor of Lombard?

William J. Mueller.

Incorrect, Lombard does not have a Mayor, they have a Village President.

That’s a trick question.


10. Sox or Cubs?

People who know me well know the answer. Pass.


11. When was the last time you saw a liar with his pants on fire?



12. Is U of I the best school ever or what?


Incorrect. School of Rock is the answer I was looking for.

13. If you were Matt Hasselbeck, and council was your offensive line, how many times would you get sacked by the NY Giants?

Many times.


14. What is it about Chad Walz?

Chad, who?


15. How many TIF Districts in Downers Grove?


16. How many alternate fuels does DG use in their fleet?


17. How many eggs in a half dozen?


18. What number comes after 7?


19. Who do we appreciate?

Quite a few, my family, friends, our village…


20. Will you accept this certificate of good sportsmanship for the first ever DGreport official officials interview?

Can’t. That would violate our ethics policy. Thanks anyway.


17 out of 20 correct with one bonus correct question. That sets a very high bar for the next official interview. Your pick: who would you like to see next?

Is it okay if I get back to you on that?













4 Responses to “Interview With Mayor Sandack”

  1. sidelineobserver Says:

    Don’t know how you did it. Good job Ron. Pretty damn funny.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    More interviews.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nice job, Mark. The Mayor’s take on the circulator bus was reassuring.
    Andy Stitzer

  4. Pek3234 Says:

    For the record, the automatic external defibrillators mentioned are not nicknamed “George boards”. While it is true that new AED’s were purchased (primarily in order to make those carried in police cars compatible with the monitor/pacemaker/defibrillators used by the fire department), the “George boards” the mayor speaks of are used to perform chest compressions during CPR.

    The board has a strap that encircles the patients chest and compresses the chest far more effectively and consistently than human hands can. George Nichalau (may have spelled that wrong) was greatly responsible for the initial purchase of the boards. His fundraising efforts made it possible.
    Hence, many members of the fire department refer to them as “George Boards”

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