Bloomberg AAA Revenue Bond Rates

Municipal Bond

National Municipal Bond Yields:
Triple-A Rated, Tax-Exempt Insured Revenue Bonds

28% EQ
2-Year 2.38% 2.37% 0.01% 3.31% 2.46% 2.44% 3.59%
5-Year 3.04% 3.04% 0.00% 4.22% 3.04% 2.88% 3.69%
7-Year 3.45% 3.45% 0.00% 4.79% 3.44% 3.17% 3.79%
10-Year 4.05% 4.05% 0.00% 5.62% 4.05% 3.67% 4.02%
15-Year 4.79% 4.79% 0.00% 6.65% 4.80% 4.31% 4.43%
20-Year 5.04% 5.04% 0.00% 7.00% 5.00% 4.72% 4.63%
30-Year 5.19% 5.19% 0.00% 7.21% 5.16% 4.87% 4.66%

General Obligation (GO) bonds typically are 1/4%+ or more higher. AA+ rates are a little higher than AAA.


County and King Take $110, Give Almost $3 Back

That’s about the ratio of the sales tax increase vs. the property tax rebate granted in a special session of the County Board Saturday. Two of our three board members (Bennington and McMahon) did not show up at all. Nice job on doing your jobs, boys: last time anyone looked, you are both on the payroll. Try acting like it.

The Daily Herald’s Jake Griffin reports:

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First Step To Biggest Debt Borrowing Ever



Thanks for the inquiry, it has always been our intention to place a
podcast/MP3 file of this meeting on the Village website.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Cara Pavlicek
Village Manager

Despite a light agenda for this Tuesday’s meeting, staff scheduled the village council to meet this Monday at 6pm in the Committee Room:

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DuPage Political Money Trail Gets Harder To Follow

The Illinois Board of Election has redesigned their website to enhance the user experience and make it easier than ever to access information.

In the process, you now getting incorrect information sometimes.

Reduced transparency of campaign information? What is going on here?

King Bob’s budget indulgences

Malfeasance: Misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official.

The County Board met Wednesday in a special session to divy up the goodies provided by Gov. Blago’s sales tax kick to the groin of Illinois retail commerce. That swift kick that punishes us all for an incompetently run RTA supposedly adds millions for transportation purposes. Since King Bob was right by Blago’s side whispering in his ear for the now famous “and public safety” clause, DuPage County will not be spending any of that newly minted money on transportation projects.

Where will King Bob and his yes men legions will spend $20 million this year, and $40 million starting next year?

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Lobby No Hobby

Nicolay and Dart LLC were hired after a quick waive of the one week waiting period. This allows the lobby firm to be under contract when the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference descend on Springfield in April 8 & 9. Read the rest of this entry »

Lombard requires permit for tree removal

John Schofield sent me this heads up on a Tribune article by Greg Canfield filed March 20, 2008:

In an attempt to stop trees from being attacked by the emerald ash borer, Lombard is requiring residents to get a permit before removing any tree from private property.

The permit, which is free, ensures the Lombard Public Works Department will inspect the tree before the permit is approved. If the tree is found to be an ash, a specific process must be followed prior to the permit being approved.

Silly question: “How does a required permit stop the trees from being attacked?

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