Relative Measures Per Resident

I got the idea for this from Evanston Now, who ran a significantly more in depth analysis among Evanston and two nearby communities.

This is the populations as per the official 2000 census. The populations for all 5 communities, according to the individual websites, have remained relatively constant, and roughly similar.

This graph shows the 2007 total appropriations for each community. Note that Hoffman Estates has a large appropriation to service huge debt. DG is pretty middle of the road here.

The above shows the appropriation expressed on a per resident basis. Given most of these communities have a similar package of services, except for the shuttle, it is a reasonable measuring yardstick to see how we stack up. This does not include any of the $75 million initial stormwater borrowings that could occur this year.
Again, here we are in the pack. Note that Hoffman Estates has almost a quarter BILLION dollars in debt. That will also be us in a couple years if we go ‘all in’ on the stormwater plan.
Expressed on a per resident basis.
This graph shows the Total Staff Payroll for the communities.
Not only does Downers Grove pay more for similar sized staffs,
once the per resident costs are factored in, our village government staff costs are by far the highest of any similarly sized community.



7 Responses to “Relative Measures Per Resident”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Lies, damn lies, and statistics. Although your statistics are seriously wrong, I must assume you have some hidden agenda for even publishing such drivel. Even if no one will ever read it.

    Where did you say you culled all of this nonsense from?

  2. Mark Thoman Says:

    I culled the information from standardized accounting summaries submitted to, and published by, the Illinois Office of the Comptroller, our state accountant office.

    These reports require all municipalities to submit budget data in a uniform, prescribed fashion. It allows for apples to apples comparisons.

    Lies, damn lies, statistics, and facts. These are facts.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Gold plating more than just the fire department and the stormwater problem.

  4. DGDood Says:

    You should post this over at DGreport. More people need to see how we overpay. One reason local government wants to get this big stormwater public works project going is so they become indispensable cogs in that gravy train.

  5. Senior Grover Says:

    Why is this not a surprised that our staff is overpaid? Didn’t Mike Gilbert rail about this when he was a commissioner?

  6. DGDood Says:

    You still haven’t put this over at DGreport. Chicken? Don;t want to upset anyone? I’ll do it if you won’t. Where did you get the info?

  7. Mark Thoman Says:

    This is Daniel Hynes Office of the Comptroller. Municipalities are required to file annual standardized reports. It piqued my interest because DG has yet to file their 2007 report.

    My original intent was to examine how very high debt like Hoffman Estates can effect budgeting due to TIC’s (Total Interest Cost)of carrying debt.

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