Superior South Speech Slate Sweeps State

Five years and counting, state champs…

and not a whisper about it at either the 99 website or the DGS website. Shameful, given the hours weeks months and months of hard work and practice that go into each members efforts on the speech teams at both schools.

At least Wikipedia gives them the cred they deserve:

It’s speech team has won thirteen state championships, more than any other school in Illinois. In 1997 it became the only team to win the speech state championship 4 years in a row, and in 2008 the only the only school to win that same title 5 years in a row.

Since 1985 DGS’ Speech team has won or placed second in state except for 1986, 1989 and 2000. If a sports team had won or was runner up at state with a record like that, imagine the hysteria. And these students did it not with brute athletic ability, but with brute skill and brute brilliance.

(DGN News has a report on their team, which finished eighth at state.)



4 Responses to “Superior South Speech Slate Sweeps State”

  1. C. Grammich Says:

    Congrats to the champs! And an editor to wikipedia, stat! “Its speech team,” no?

  2. sideline observer Says:

    I was reading through the thread over at DGreport. You may want to check the very personal attacks being launched at you by that perennial Neanderthal Meat.

    It was a different world for me back on the day. Our sports teams were pretty bad, so there was no brute athletic ability, just HS kids trying out to do things they wanted to try doing, whether it was football or lacrosse or baseball or theater.

  3. Mark Thoman Says:

    I would say Naperville Central was kinda the same back in the 70’s, although our baseball team was pretty good. No real girls sports either back then.

    I take negative criticism in stride. Personal attacks usually reflect on the (lack of) integrity and ethics of the attacker.

    Your comment there, however, is priceless. I am stealing it for future use.

  4. C. Grammich Says:

    FWIW, the DGS news page ( posted a story on the speech team’s championship last year. Since then, a dozen stories have been posted, six on sports. The DGN page you cited has five stories posted, none on sports.

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