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Where’s Cara?

Updated at 10:40 after I had time to think about this.

Elaine Johnson broke it on DGreport Wednesday morning after everyone noticed Tuesday night the absence of Village Manager Cara Pavlicek:

she has been placed on a one-week, paid administrative leave. Communications director Doug Kozlowski confirmed the action, but declined further comment saying, in an e-mail, that “it is our policy to not discuss employee issues.” Read the rest of this entry »

Doing Further Harm? Update

Well; here we are, and here it is, so what will happen?

So far, not much.

It does not seem council is making the full connection between development and stormwater.

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Belmont Underpass: Collateral Damage?

An all too possible Scenario

This is our governor, Gov. Blago. A lot of people do not like Gov. Blago. He is trying to pass a $25 billion Illinois Works capital bill. He doesn’t quite know how to pay for it, but he would like to sell 80% of our lottery to get part of it.

Our DG officials have worked hard to get $8.5 million for the Belmont Underpass slotted into this bill. Right now, the Belmont Underpass will not happen if Illinois Works does not happen.

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DG Buying Used Bus

Sideline Observer sends this along, saying,

“Word is they got a great deal on this. It even has a train motif, whoch is very appropriate. It will be nicknamed the ‘Durkin Deluxe’.”

Background Reading On Stormwater

The city of Portland OR has struggled with stormwater runoff problems for decades and has established expertise on how to best deal with runoff issues. Meeting ASTM standards relating to stormwater has nothing to do with mitigating run off. The idea behind a Low Impact Design (LID) water garden type of storm water storage is to completely prevent the fist 1/4″ of rainfall from leaving the property at all.

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Doing No Further Harm?

On Tuesday council will workshop an ordinance to amend the zoning of two manufacturing parcels at 715-719 Rogers Street from M-1 (Light Manufacturing) to DT (Downtown Transition), an ordinance for a Final Planned Development with a variance to construct 16 townhouses, a Plat of Subdivision resolution that will subdivide the two separate parcels into 17 individual parcels, and a Special Use Ordinance for dwellings.

A variance is required to allow steps greater than four feet in height to extend into the required front yard. A Special Use is required to develop townhouses exceeding one unit per 4,000 square feet of land area. Council, in particular Mayor Sandack and Commissioner Tully, have opined often how Special Uses would be scrutinized with the residents welfare and protection in mind, that we could rest easy because Special Uses require specific council approval.

Well; here we are, and here it is, so what will happen?

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