The Extra Million From FS #2

The bond issuance for construction of Fire Station #2 was for $10.2 million, and the total construction costs are firming up around $9.3 million. The bonds have been issued and it is not simply a matter of paying back the near million on the bond-you cannot necessarily do that. So what to do with the extra $$?

At the March 25 council meeting, George Nicolau suggested using it for some gateway signs (Welcome to Downers Grove), which he has championed in the past, and which has never been done.

Being bond debt issued for construction of a Fire Station, I would suggest if it needs to be spent that the village look at highest needs at the other Stations, and use the money accordingly. Is a kitchen woefully out of date? Worn out furniture? Ancient bathrooms? Worn out siding or driveway pavement? I have to think there is a need where that extra can be wisely spent, avoiding the expenses down the road.


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