Rupert Borgsmiller Is On It

Rupert Borgsmiller called and emailed me yesterday with some sense of urgency that I call him back, giving me his direct line phone number.

I know, I know: who the heck is Rupert Borgsmiller? Mr. Borgsmiller is one of the most important state officials you don’t know: he is the Director of the Campaign Disclosure Division of the Illinois Board of Elections, the state watchdog of campaign finance transparency.

So I called him…

The reason I called him was the new Illinois Board of Elections website was not giving campaign contribution information correctly for candidates(see DuPage political money trail gets harder to follow). We had a nice talk and I walked him through the problems with the new website. No skullduggery, but a data port-over that has bugs; plenty of bugs that prevent casual users from searching campaign contributions accurately.

Rupert Borgsmiller was very polite, and very serious to find things did not go as planned at their end, and has promised to not just look into it (a standard government response), but to get his programmers on it and get it fixed pronto.

He called and emailed me after my initial inquiry, asked for a session to go through and highlight the problems I had found. I walked him through several problems that he duplicated at his end, and in the end he thanked me sincerely for bringing this to his attention.

So next time I rail about overstuffed government bureaucracies, it does not extend to Mr. Borgsmiller.


2 Responses to “Rupert Borgsmiller Is On It”

  1. 9 Iron Says:

    Can you link to the website?

  2. 9 Iron Says:

    Nevermind LOL in the other post. Sry.

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