Sideline Observer Brands Ogden With Marge’s Red Hot Idea

Sideline comments here and posts some pretty funny pictures at DGreport, and emailed me this idea for branding Ogden Avenue with banners:

UPDATE: Two more branding signs for Downers included after the break!

“I’m thinking our Village can have them all up and down Ogden, capturing the mix of used car dealers, bars, and spank parlors on the north side’s main E/W corridor. Hat tip to Marge. “

I passed back a reminder that we have no bars per se, just restaurants that serve alchohol. And that the spank parlors are massage businesses.

Explanations will be helpful, and published where possible.

This one has a swoosh line (very nicely rendered in republican red), and the same Viner Hand ITC script for a dynamic look. And it has the Three. Word. Catchphrase. Very nice.

And this one:

“This keeps the tree theme, and reflects the powerful inevitability of DG crushing all.”

Okay, then, kind of a bright and sunny Borg thing.


2 Responses to “Sideline Observer Brands Ogden With Marge’s Red Hot Idea”

  1. markthoman Says:

    I converted the file formats so WordPress would recognize them, but they look pretty good.

  2. Caribou Coffee Drinker Says:

    Nice Mark. Nice.

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