Doing Further Harm? Update

Well; here we are, and here it is, so what will happen?

So far, not much.

It does not seem council is making the full connection between development and stormwater.

There were no changes asked for, even none offered in writing after the developers offered to change up the parkway trees to a variety of species, although the Village Forester may still be counted on to do the right thing there.

Even though some of them picked up during the election that it was a topic weighing heavy on the voter, and have committed significant tax dollars to fixing past problems, there does not seem to be much thought about, maybe, preventing more problems in the future.

Regretfully, at Tuesday’s workshop, I didn’t see council asking for a better, more responsible project; even one just with more complete documentation. If DG continues down this path we will simply create a new set of stormwater issues; mainly, what do we do with all these underground piping systems that don’t work?

Here’s where I started reading up on LID and BMP for stormwater. Here’s an article about piping so you can get an idea of how it can be properly deployed. Here’s a overview of best practices from Portland, home of perpetual stormwater issues, and here’s an article about how on-site, every site moving forward saves taxpayers some of the burden of expensive infrastructure.

The more you read, the less you’ll like small piping and the more you’ll like surface mitigation. It effects the density of the projects, but does no further harm.

Builders will continue to do what they are told to do, and they are not being told what to do, so they do the minimum that will pass muster with the Plan Commission and council.

So DG will probably get, barring a sudden onset of common sense, more developments that contribute to the old problem in a new way, rather the new solutions that are available and have been tested.

Lastly for now: since it is apparant our local government wants highest density development along Rogers and the tracks, wouldn’t it make sense to begin talking to BNSF about that easement? Bioswales can be very narrow.


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