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Where’s Cara?

Probably sharpening up her resume. Believe me I tried, no one will comment on any aspect of this. I went back through my notes, meetings, emails, and letters where I had contact with Ms. Pavlicek over her time in DG. Although I like her fine, my memory belies my frustrating experiences of authoritarianism. All time favorite: when I lost my front yard maple for no real reason (I would not have lost it this year BTW), I asked for an explanation of how something this callous and unthinking could have happened, and received an accurate recap from Cara of every single event that happened all the way through. Thanks a lot.

Belmont Underpass:

Blago continues to ladle out the vote-getting pork downstate, all over, but still no money for a needed safety project. Schillerstrom continues to work hard ignoring DG. Lobbyists got doors open, but no one seems to be home. Open warfare between dems continue. We continue to twist in the wind with no end in sight.

Doing Further Harm?/Stormwater:

This project will probably go through if council doesn’t bother to do some independent homework. At least one council member asked about surface retention vs. underground piping. Are we seeing aome independent thoughts? I sure hope so. Jamming 16 $500k town homes on two lots isn’t right; 12 is plenty.

58 SB:

Next Monday will be their first ever recorded meeting, just in time to record for prosperity their petty censuring of Scott O’Connell. Apparently sending kids to private schools, paying taxes to support public schools, and demanding fiscal accountability/responsibility just angers most of the 58 board, who pass off past fiscal cluelessness to departed former employees who can’t defend themselves against the charges. Doing it all for the kids or something like that.


Laura Crawford, Linda Kunze, and Greg Bedelov have all given over time and energy to branding, marketing, and creating tangible receivables for their respective organizations, all geared to marketing DG to the outside world. They all have experience they would be willing to share. The right hand knows…


6 Responses to “Update City”

  1. C. Grammich Says:

    “just in time to record for prosperity”

    I think you mean “posterity.” But if it is for “prosperity,” then sign me up . . .

  2. C. Grammich Says:

    Hey, MT, any idea how the “possibly related posts” are “automatically generated”? Two of the four I see now are for a London alcoholic’s diary on the road to recovery . . .

  3. markthoman Says:

    Posterity is what I was thinking. Heh. When I added an actual category the “possibly related posts” went away.

  4. markthoman Says:

    Nope. They’re still there. Wierd…

  5. C. Grammich Says:

    The “possibly related posts” appear to update. One of them is currently a “Further Imaginary City Page Update.”

  6. kunze laura Says:

    […] through my notes, meetings, emails, and letters where I had contact with Ms. Pavlicek over her thttps://indg.wordpress.com/2008/04/30/update-city/Clinical Instructor – Department of Family MedicineKunze, Laura: Clinical Instructor: Margues, […]

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