Claremont Calming Coming Closer

Claremont/71st Street is a clean shot from Cass in Darien to Main in DG, a nifty bypass of hectic 75th Street. Cars zip back and forth all day with only a few stop signs. Zipping is the problem for residents who live on the street. Posted speed limits of 25-30 MPH are pretty much ignored; obeying them risks an angry tailgater that wants you the hell outta the way. Residents of both DG and Darien have asked for help. In Darien, a temp speed bump was installed last year, removed for winter so the snow plows didn’t trash it, and it was reinstalled recently.

DG purchased a similar product, and as soon as a few needed steps are taken, it can be installed somewhere on Claremont in DG. It looks like the purchased traffic speed table (a more effective, wider device shown on the right) will go in somewhere on Claremont in about thirty days.

‘Traffic Czar’ Bill Wrobel has campaigned patiently and continuously for traffic calming devices on streets with speeding drivers that more resemble raceways. Prairie Avenue is another candidate for calming devices. I thought asphalt was the way to go, but more and more, rubber removable devices are being employed by municipalities because they can be moved around as needed, and are not a permanent addition to the street. Council member Sean Durkin first brought back information on the temporary rubber devices last year, and has, along with Wrobel, championed their use.