Seems Like Old Times

On April 22, 2008, Village Manager Cara Pavlicek was placed on administrative leave. No further statement will be made at this time because the Village’s policy is not to comment on confidential personnel matters.
During this period, senior level managers are coordinating the day-to-day operations of the Village to ensure that business is conducted as usual throughout the organization.
Additional information regarding the status of the Village Manager will be provided at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner.

Press release dated April 29th, one week after a total news blackout went into effect.

“We will proceed in a cautious manner under the law and we will disclose what we can when we can.”

Mayor Sandack, quoted on Monday April 28.

But the day will come when our officials will be asked to confront residents’ questions in an up front and, yes, transparent manner.

Elaine Johnson, writing in “The Sound of Silence” at DGreport.


Amount of gross pay accumulated since being placed on administrative leave April 22nd through Friday May 2nd, representing 9 working days pay.


7 Responses to “Seems Like Old Times”

  1. CCD Says:

    My thought would be that the severance pakcage is still getting negotiated. IMO, she is gone. It has been more than a week and I bet the VC igured they would have had this tied up by now.

    Let’s hope some lessons are learned by not setting a time frame and not allowing trickles of information out when they could have had a solid, more informative statement.

  2. Let's get lawyered up! Says:

    There should have been a severance clause in her contract when she was hired. If they don’t have one, our legal help is incompetent. It’s almost boilerplate.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    After they boldly made the call, now say nothing for the last 3 weeks, really. I read what RS says, and imagine them cowering under a bed sheet. At least when Ginex and Barber wer pushed aside it happened fast enough in the public eye.

    You’ve pointed out, staff can’t seem to get anything done on time.

  4. DGDood Says:

    Not only are they “fixing their stories”, they are intimidating Elaine Johnson over at DGreport just for good measure. First they accuse her of getting rumors wrong, rumors that came from VH itself, then they start trying out the “she was a big meanie” line, then they feed EJ the wrongly fired employee bait to see if she takes that. Since they won’t say ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE ON THE RECORD, just wait wait wait. Anyone else disgusted?

    Wasn’t it fun pretending DG changed? That’s over and done.

  5. Elaine Johnson Says:

    Funny, I don’t feel intimidated, Dood. And I wasn’t fed any bait, either. But thanks for having my back. A girl can’t have too many white knights, I’m realizing.

  6. markthoman Says:

    I’ve had regional and national sales managers that were control freaks. Sometimes it works out, usually after some tense conversations, but most times it ends with getting fired from the line as the micro-control puts the territory into a death spiral, and the control freak needs someone else to blame besides himself.

    I have had personal experience with staff trying to “shape the field”. They are currently doing it with the Prospect/Rogers development to ensure it gets approved this Tuesday ‘as it is’ instead of ‘as it might be’.

    “She was a control freak” does sound better than “she made us work too hard”. Makes one wonder if some of the senior management were on her hot seat.

  7. Sideline Observer Says:

    I like the guy who called it a ruling junta of senior management.

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