Pavlicek: Terminated

Repeat offender?

LaVista Lady Says:May 7, 2008 at 3:29 am e

“Perhaps someone should look into an abuse of power (both professional and personal) while she was here in Nebraska…sounds like her pattern of behavior is repeating itself once again. Maybe this time, she’ll be the one to pay the price.” Comment #3 made in Where’s Cara?

Motion 00-03312 Contract Status Village Manager. Sponsor:Mayor

Effective Tuesday May 6 Cara Pavlicek’s contract with Downers Grove as Village Manager is terminated. Approved by council in a 7-0 vote.

Correction: The Motion to terminate was approved.

Elaine Johnson at DGreport has the why here…


7 Responses to “Pavlicek: Terminated”

  1. DGDood Says:

    Shouldn’t hold my breath for a why I’m guessing.

  2. C. Grammich Says:

    MT, should you post a source for that Nebraska quote?

  3. C. Grammich Says:

    D’oh! Serves me right for not reading comments to your other entries. Although I might hyperlink the comment, MT . . .

  4. John Schofield Says:

    Mark, are you (a) asserting that there was a record of misconduct in Nebraska or (b) merely suggesting it would be interesting line of research. In either case, one wonders why the Council that appointed her did not conduct sufficient “due diligence” to unearth such?

  5. markthoman Says:

    John, at this point (b). La Vista Lady insinuates that Cara reverted to form, and that she hoped PV would not get away with it again.

    C. You are assigning more blog editing talent to me than is warranted. You recognize stream of consciousness writing- I do not edit much, which is why my posts are always too long.

  6. markthoman Says:

    The time stamp function on this blog was not set correctly, running 11 hours ahead. It is now one hour behind. Bear with me.

  7. markthoman Says:

    Sources: CP’s ZoomInfo saying she is a Director is I have been advised, is not correct. This is also where I got her work history and dates.

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