Update Housekeeping

An Unexpected Walk in Lyman Woods

A flurry of exchanged emails later, it appears the damage done was due to two factors, mainly the discovery of construction debris (cinder blocks, etc.) that the contractor dug our and removed. The big rutted tracks will be graded and seeded, and everything should be back on track this year. The garlic mustard they wanted to nuke with herbicides is on hold until they take another look at the pest plant disposal options. PDHA offered some weed pulling laborers (hey, and we’re legal laborers). Last time the PD did a weed pull, volunteers eliminated almost 600 lbs. of the stuff (!).

A Packed Agenda Updated

The IHDA request for bond cap got a fair hearing. Council took great pains, especially Mayor Sandack, to separate the housing issue from the cap request. DGreport regular John Schofield spoke to the point, about the small economic stimulus that can help a couple realtors and families, and how the benefit ripples outward to home improvement stores etc., and that the families who would benefit from it are able to make the payments and be a valued part of the community. Plus, it costs the village nothing, nada, zip. Commissioner Schnell asked all the tough questions, and Robert Morsh from the IHDA had all the answers. Durkin suggested the program be tailored to village employees. This program might benefit 5-6 families at best, so it is modest and measurable.

And Sandack got the big council laugh of the night; he meant to say the $1.3 million cap grant as proposed was not a big deal, but he said $1.3 million was not a big deal. As he said it he realized his mistake, as did the other council members, who gave him the appropriate off the mic grief as he backtracked.

Council’s Cell Conundrum

After Tuesday night’s packed house and impassioned pleas to council to reject the PD cell tower plans (which they can’t, see the original post), I expected a big turnout at the PD board meeting asking them to hold up and reconsider. Not a single person from Tuesday attended tonights meeting.

3 Responses to “Update Housekeeping”

  1. Martin Tully Says:

    I stopped in at tonight’s Park District meeting (following the Community Events Commission meeting) to observe the public comments segment. Based on what I heard at last Tuesday’s Village Council meeting, I fully expected to see a packed-house urging the Park District Board to withdraw its pending special use petitions regarding the proposed cellular towers at Hummer and Gilbert parks. But, as Mark notes, I was vey surprised to see that not one resident spoke (or even attended, as far as I could tell) to plead for a reversal of course, even though the Park District is both the petitioner and the elected representatives of the very people who opppose the projects. Curious indeed.

  2. DGDood Says:

    I was alive and breathing in DG the whole time and I didn’t hear about it until the VC took it up. You say by then it was too late. That says the Park District did a lousey job keeping people informed.

  3. Marge Says:


    Alas, some of the unpleasant verbal exchanges at one of the previous PD meetings has caused some people to shy away from addressing the PD board altogether.

    I regret that I was unable to attend the PD meeting, due to family commitments, but the PD has made their position very clear on this issue.

    The ball is now in your court.

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