Not Alone, Not Unique

Lest residents think our PD is the only one that cuts down trees to make way for better parks, here’s a little nightmare from Glen Ellyn, where it’s not about cutting down 40 trees.

No, try 342 trees.

Ms. C,

My name is Mark Thoman and I am a resident of Downers Grove who just stumbled across your Ackerman Woods site and read most of it tonight. You’ve done an excellent job and I hope you are successful saving the trees. We just had our PD here take out over 40 trees, clearing an area that didn’t need clearing, claiming they were garbage trees just like your PD. In our case, they just came in one day and took them out.

1- How long have you lived in GE?
2- Has the Village and PD been cooperative or confrontational?
3- How did the meeting go tonight?

There are probably many others here in DG that wish you well.

Best Regards,

Mark Thoman

Thank you for your support.
I’ve lived in Glen Ellyn for 8 years. The Village and PD have been neither confrontational or cooperative. I think they still believe we are just going to go away. Their main strategy for dealing with us is to tell us that it is the “other” board who needs to do something. We are planning for a huge turn out at the meeting tomorrow at the Park District and we hope that the turn out and the 900+ signatures on our petition will help sway them.

Ms. C

Here is another deal done by the GEPD and GEVC, and what GE residents really want be damned. They are getting what they are getting.

Only some very dedicated folks keep calling BS on every lame excuse their PD and VC can muster up. Read the whole tale. It is frustrating, there are heroes with courage of convictions, there is misinformation and inevitable time tables. No real bad guys per se, just common sense being ground under the wheels of good intentions.


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