Endgame & Village Official Statement

Tonight, the village council held the executive session hearing for Village Manager Cara Pavlicek. She attended with her attorney, her first time in village hall in almost a month.

5/21 Escort reference deleted. Thank you for the correction.

Sandack: “On May 6 the village council initiated process to terminate the village managers employment contract for cause. Tonight, the village council met in closed session with the village manager and her attorney. The village manager was given an opportunity to respond to the grounds for cause previously provided to her and her attorney. The village manager was given the opportunity to present her side of the story. Thereafter, the village council reviewed what was presented, and deliberated further. Upon due consideration, I ask for a motion to terminate the village managers employment contract for cause.”

Tully: “Mayor Sandack, I move to terminate, effective immediately, the village managers appointment, pursuant to her employment agreement…”
Beckman: “Second”
Tully: “…for cause.”
Beckman: Second.
Sandack: “Questions or comments? Roll call please.”
Holden: “Commissioner Tully?”
Tully: “Aye.”
Holden: “Commissioner Beckman?”
Beckman: “Aye.”
Holden: “Commissioner Neustadt?”
Neustadt: Aye.
Holden: “Commissioner Durkin?”
Durkin: “Aye.”
Holden: “Commissioner Waldack?”
Waldack: “Aye.”
Holden: “Commissioner Schnell?”
Schnell: “Aye.”
Holden: “Mayor Sandack?”
Sandack: “Aye. The motion passes unanimously. Can I get a motion to adjourn?”

So that answers whether or not she was to be fired. Now, all that’s left are the details. It looks like DG, by excersizing cause, according to the contract, voids any year long payout on salary and benefits.

It seems by elimination C.1.(c) is the pertinent clause.

Here is the official village statement. I assume this is the last the village will comment on this.

Village of Downers Grove
[May 21, 2008]


At the conclusion of the Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 20, 2008, the
Mayor and Village Council announced their unanimous decision to
terminate the employment of Village Manager Cara Pavlicek, pursuant to
the terms of her Employment Agreement. The announcement was made
following a lengthy Executive Session in which Ms. Pavlicek participated
and deliberations were held regarding her job performance and proposed

“This was a difficult, but necessary decision which was not taken
lightly by the Council. Throughout the process, we remained cognizant
of the impact of the situation and ultimately reached our decision with
the best interests of the Village and its operations in mind,” said
Mayor Sandack. “Our focus now turns towards the search for a new
Village Manager and we have utmost confidence that Village staff will
continue to effectively manage operations during the search process”.

As a result of this action, the termination of the employment agreement
between Ms. Pavlicek and the Village of Downers Grove is effective
immediately. Ms. Pavlicek had held the Village Manager post since
November 2005 and was placed on administrative leave on April 22, 2008.


3 Responses to “Endgame & Village Official Statement”

  1. Let's get lawyered up! Says:

    or d)? See Mr. Schofield’s comments on DGreport.

  2. markthoman Says:

    VC depends on legal advice and interpretations every week, and have need of direct, unfettered, unfiltered access to that resource in the course of fufilling their obligations to the village.

    If the VM was interfering with VC’s access to the VA, or insisting the VA send her VC work product through the VM, even though it was created specifically for the VC, that would be a problem. If the VM insisted, that would be an insurmountable problem requiring remediation.

    I don’t gamble, so don’t bet me on it. That sounds like c) to me, but if it is the law, d) could be correct.

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