Pwned by IReadItInDG!

May 17, 2008 VOLUME 6
We all live in a busy world surrounded by the written word. The Times, Newsweek, The Journal, The Tribune, Grover News, Streetwise and the rest. Throw on top of the garbage heap the national, statewide and local blogs…we can’t read it all!
I’ve decided to take one off the list for you. Now you can read the best of the best of the Downers Grove Blogs without having to wade through them post by post.

Hey what about me? You forgot me! There’s so much here to disagree with, and I hardly get any comments.

Dear IReadItInDG:
Okay my friend, we once again have the “I’m not a lawyer but I get to pretend to be one here so pay attention lemmings. Notice by the way what he cites as his legal source for the homeless having the upper hand : none other than Nice con.
That site in it’s own words on the masthead proclaims “Note: Not legal advice – just a dangerous mix of thoughts and information.” Please. I am begging you. This man has all the insight and interpersonal skills of a wolverine.
-Name Withheld by the IReadItInDG Editorial Board
Dear Intelligent Contributor: Your colorful use of wildlife references entertains us to no end. Thanks and keep up the support.

Ah well, at least they, he, she, the Sun Times, whatever, mentioned my homeless library post on DGreport. Called me a would-be lawyer, and made fun of me using a source for some background to the homeless taking up residence in the library. I may take IReadItInDG up on their preferred method of not providing any sources of information for what gets written. It sure will save me some time. Then I thought, no it’s not me, I don’t have a masthead. I have a strapline, though: “I’m just this guy…” Then I thought, wait, that is a reference to that website, so yeah, it’s me! Take that, Mary Minow, J.D., A.M.L.S. [California, U.S.], you have been pwned too! And so have your contributing authors. Pow! Bam!! IReadItInDG sure showed you!

Unfortunately for her poorly thought through dis, librarylaw is the nations leading blog that deals with library law, and library issues and operations. The Library of Congress and the U.S. Copyright Office have tasked a work group to “update for the digital world the Copyright Act’s balance between the rights of creators and copyright owners and the needs of libraries and archives.”

You would know this is a site of leading experts on all issues library if you had bothered to read and research the site, but you did not, you just passed judgment blindly on it, in your rush to blindly judge myself and DGreport.

Facts are missing from your rant, and I suspect they will continue to be absent, especially when you start attacking school board candidates this winter, like you attacked school board candidates in half page Sun ads last election. Is that why you say you are talking to the Sun editorial writers? Getting ready?

This man has all the insight and interpersonal skills of a wolverine.” Yes! That has got to be me!

Then I thought, no, everyone else says I have the insight and interpersonal skills of a badger. It’s a subtle difference I’ll grant you, but surely someone of this high level of intelligence knows the difference.

Oh, wait, that was a letter. It’s hard to tell when everything is written by the same person. Note to myself: write myself “letters” from “readers” that tell me how smart and dead on I am, so I can agree with them.

Dear Mark:

I went back and read all your stuff. You are so awesomely awesome, it’s awesome.

Name witheld by the …in Downers Grove Editorial Board

Dear Awesome Contributor: Thank you for objectively and conclusively making plain how awesomely awesome I am Mark Thoman is. It is awesome.

See, it’s in a blockquote; it must not be from me!

IReadItInDG says: “THANKS FOR READING. I READ IT SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO. NOW, GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE!“, but I don’t know, it just seems like people should read and learn and make up their own minds in the presence of facts and information. Maybe I should just let someone else think for me like she says, and get on with my life. Maybe an email that summarizes that email, so I don’t have read that either, and it will just tell me what to think about that too.

And I feel kind of bad for her. Not getting on with her life just so I can get on with mine. That is awesome.

And then I think, no, I’ll just go ahead and read up on topics and issues, and if I have to think for myself rather than have someone else think for me, that’ll be okay. And I’ll keep telling people to do the same, don’t take my word for it; find out for yourself. And I’ll even read what IReadItInDG has to say, if they ever really have anything to say. Heck, I will post them up here and you can decide for yourself. I can even give them their own page. That would be awesome.

I sent a reply asking to be mailed any more letters. I’m sure there will be more to say as election time approaches! Maybe they will even save me the bother and tell me who to vote for, or better yet, tell me who NOT to vote for, and give me some of that fact-free dirt on them. That would be totally pwning awesome.

PS- Just a friendly heads up. DGreport, when I copy something from there or send it somewhere, I ask permission to use her copyrighted material. I’m sure you do that already, but I just wanted to be sure. You can use my stuff though. No copyright here, because I am not a professional journalist.

I’m just this guy…

Gotta go, the UK lottery board just sent me an email that I won!!!! It must be true!


8 Responses to “Pwned by IReadItInDG!”

  1. Elaine Johnson Says:

    Awesome post, Thoman. Really. Really. AWESOME.

  2. Sideline Observer Says:

    Damn! I wanted to awesomely be the awesome first to say awesome. Johnson got that branding thingie tie in too. Awesome.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You’re an ass. A clueless ass.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Is this email newsletter thing real or are you putting us on? Sometimes it’s not clear.

  5. markthoman Says:

    Up to now, I would have been hard pressed to say someone could actually make up this kind of small minded, hate filled, vicious diatribe … but it is real.

    I cannot wait for the next edition!!

  6. Senior Grover Says:

    Was that you at the Clarendon Hills cemetery?

  7. markthoman Says:

    If you mean Monday morning around 9 or so yes. My father, a brother-in-law, and several aunts and uncles are buried there. I meant to dig out something I wrote a couple years ago about my dad and my uncles WII experience as I remember being told about it, but I went to the Fischel Park American Legion ceremony and the morning got away.

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