Red Light Cameras Part 3: Brutal Honesty, Please

In parts 1 and 2 you should have gotten a crystal clear understanding that safety and red light cameras, RLC, are not connected. Communities are removing them as others are putting them in. The ones that are pulling them out are doing so because the facts and evidence don’t support the claim that RLC make people safer.

It’s always about the money

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Another Piece To The Stormwater Puzzle

I was up in Madison WI this week on business. I think the City Motto is “The USSR may have fallen but Madison marches on”. They’ve been on the west edge of where WI has been getting hammered by stormwater this spring, and the lakes are just about over their banks.

Being the state capital may help, but they seem to be a leg up on stormwater solutions too, and it has definitely helped.

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Red Light Cameras Part 2: Not So Safe

The insurance industry, and the Red Light Camera (RLC) suppliers them selves lobby hard and long to get RLC put up wherever they can. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a front 100% funded by insurance companies, puts out reports that purport to show how RLC increase safety at intersections.

It ain’t about safety. RLC actually contribute to more accidents and more injuries.

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Red Light Cameras Part 1: Smile

This is a spy red light camera. It takes pictures of cars that run red lights. Take a good look, and start taking a look around.

Illinois’ state lawmakers voted in 2006 to allow the devices, and the move toward red-light cameras has been gaining momentum ever since.

At the June 17th council meeting, commissioners asked for preliminary information from staff about red light cameras. Commissioners cautioned that this was just a first look, just asking for information from staff, as if anticipating resident backlash.


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Heritage Fest Tully Ticker

You know he’d tell you if he was here.

Martin Tully Says:
June 20, 2008 at 12:28 am e

Yes I would and yes I am. And don’t forget about the benefit concert for the Blodgett House on the evening June 26th. “Let’s put the heritage back into Heritage Festival.”

Gee, would you ever guess that I am also the Chair of the Community Events Commission?


Another piece to the stormwater puzzle.

Read the comprehensive cold weather report on Portland Cement Pervious Concrete Performance. If you don’t want to wade through 70+ pages, short form: works great. Around here, it doesn’t eliminate the need for detention/retention, but it would significantly reduce runoff we continue building into our village now-despite knowing how much fixing the problem costs us later.

Thousands now; millions later. Pick one.

Traffic Calming: The Power of the Whiteboard

Tonight council approved sweeping simplifications to the traffic calming ordinances and to the processes residents must go through to get village help in their neighborhoods; help to combat drivers that drive too fast down residential streets.

Unlike the recent updating of ordinances, definitions, and language undertaken singly by the Planning Department, Acting Village Manager Dave Fieldman and Assistant Village Manager Mike Baker, along with Interim Public Works Director Robin Weaver and her department, the Planning Department, Police Department, Village Attorney Enza Petrarca, and others, all huddled around a whiteboard and hashed it out.

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