GE Citizen Power Stays The Day At Ackerman Woods

A friend asked me why I bother writing about this; it is not even near DG. No arguement about proximity, but here is a group of people who got mad, got organized, and got a plan.

Bucking the trend here in DG, where a done deal is pretty hard to undo, some dedicated Glen Ellyn residents stayed on task, on message, and on their GE Park District Board members without letting up or giving up. What I had thought was a lost battle is now a step closer to keeping a woods intact. Amazing what residents can do!

Dear Friends of Ackerman Woods,

The Park District voted tonight to NOT put soccer fields at Ackerman
Woods. The vote was 4-1 with Taylor, Schoen, Dallman and Minogue for,
Jourdan voting against and Aubrey and Hess absent. The Park District
listened to the community on this issue and we are very pleased with
their decision, which is a big step forwards towards permanent
protection of the woods and making them more accessible to our

The Park District vote still allows the Village to excavate a
stormwater detention facility in Ackerman Woods. We need to put an end
to this project and find a way to permanently protect these woods. The
Village will meet on Monday, June 9 at 8 p.m. at the Civic Center and
we plan on attending this meeting.

Please take the time to thank the Park District Board and encourage
the Village to take positive action.


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