IReadItInDG vol 8

“You, Meat, are a small minded, vanilla village idiot.”, says IReadItInDG vol 8, featuring puppet-on-puppet insults, and puppet-on-daughter-of-puppet bashing. And I’m not quite right about some things. I am thinking they picked on the wrong puppet taking shots at Meat and his daughter…

I Read It In DG Volume 8
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June 5, 2008 VOLUME 8

We all live in a busy world surrounded by the written word. The Times, Newsweek, The Journal, The Tribune, Grover News, Streetwise and the rest. Throw on top of the garbage heap the national, statewide and local blogs…we can’t read it all!

I’ve decided to take one off the list for you. Now you can read the best of the best of the Downers Grove Blogs without having to wade through them post by post.


IReadItInDG is not usually in the market of reporting “news” when there is none…but we have an exception…

Down and out in the library

June 5th, 2008 ·

· Meat // Jun 5, 2008 at 9:35 am
Wow. Just wow.
Our library is a safe haven for the homeless but not necessarily for your kids, so be careful. If your daughter does encounter a homeless man snoozing in front of a porn site, tell her to be mindful not to wake him, he may cause a ruckus and that isn’t fair to him-he has rights.
But your daughter, who only wants a reasonably safe place to read and study, does not.
This may be the most ‘So Downers Grove’ moment I’ve ever experienced since we moved here. Unbelievable.
“If they’re camping out, we may ask them to move on,” Bowen said.
Or, you may not. Once again, camping out in the library is your right, a safe place to read is not.
Just wow.
IReadItInDG has only one thing to say…You, Meat, are a small minded, vanilla village idiot. We suppose the “public” portion of things like our Public Library or Public Transportation should resemble the comfy, cozy DVD playing backseat of your minivan…Welcome to the real world, not everyone looks and/or acts like you (thank GOD)… and your so-called daughter should be made aware of it sooner than later.

The $4.29 question

· innocentbystander // May 30, 2008 at 7:42 pm
(Editor’s note: This comment raises many issues, but none of them are relevant to a post about buses. FYI Innocent Bystander, I will look into the issues you raise — indeed, I have been working on a post on the topic. If I find your comments have merit. I will repost them in conjunction with that post.’
IReadItInDG has the full content of this Large-Person’s rant about things he has issues with…The Police, The Village Council and his own inadequacies…e-mail us at for the rest of his oversized yet little content. We are reminded of the recent story in the newspaper about how large and inefficient cars are being replaced by smaller, smarter, more efficient vehicles…perhaps the negative Hummers of this community should let bygones go and think like Civic Hybrids…just a thought.

The rest of the story

June 3rd, 2008

District 58 school board member Scott O’Connell’s conflicts with fellow board members have been well documented on this blog, including his response to the board’s decision to censure him for filing an open meetings act complaint with the Illinois Attorney General and other transgressions.
Seriously…when WILL this administrator get over the fact that her roommate lost the D58 election? When will this so-called blog stop allowing the individual rant about un-documented and baseless rhetoric and start talking about things like the chipmunk population in her backyard like she used to do in her sometimes read SUN article? We really did like you much more, EJ, when you weren’t inventing “hot topics”.
The other one had a tough week so I’ll let him off the hook…Not Quite Right on the Fairview Village thing, Not Quite Right on the rant regarding the source (and sex) of this content, Not Quite Right on the relationship between a respectable local attorney and his clients, Not Quite Right on a village employee that retained a consultant to report a pre-conceived notion about housing. Tough week indeed… Better luck next week, if you can possibly remember the content of the meetings you attend.

If you received this through a forwarded e-mail and you would like to make sure you get your own copy of IReadItInDG, please send me an e-mail and I’ll add you to the list.
The views expressed in IReadItInDG are shared by most intelligent people but are those of the author.

UPDATE: Your obsequious flattery is sycophantic. Have to ask, what is your take on the 99/Woodridge land issue?


4 Responses to “IReadItInDG vol 8”

  1. Sideline Observer Says:

    Those emails are legit, right? Your not doing something weird?

    And now taking out after Meat ‘cuz he’s laying on the wood about homeless in the library. Jesus, I was in there Saturday and I didn’t see any, but I’m not calling anyone an idiot. WTH?

    Sycophantic for who? No Madame de Pompadour for sure, these email remarks remind me more of dumb courtesans trying to be witty at a party, all powdered and primped, that just come off mean and stupid in a low reptile kind of way.

    Is this something written by actual adults?

  2. markthoman Says:

    Yeah, well, it appears Meat doesn’t get it. Maybe EJ will explain it to him.

  3. Meat Says:

    (original response reprinted from Elaine Johnson’s blog, edited here by the author)

    I’m actually Sicilian, doesn’t that make me more ‘olive’ than ‘vanilla’?

    Judging by it’s writing skills, being called out by IReadItInDG’s would qualify as the ultimate compliment. As often as I’ve bumped proverbial puppet heads with some of the bloggers here in this forum, I don’t believe I’ve ever resorted to overt insults, and I’ve tried to stay on topic. Nonetheless, I suspect that IReadItInDG’ writes his posts from the library computer when he’s not preoccupied with fantasizing to the JC Penny women’s apparel website.

    ‘So called daughter’? That’s personal, and unnecessary. Maybe IReadItInDG would like to contact me personally, I’m sure he would appreciate an opportunity to share his comments with me directly, one on one. I’ll be certain to subsribe to his email musings.

    Sideline, we don’t often if ever agree, but on this one we share an opinion. IReadIt does sound like that creepy guy in the back of the room at every party that everyone kinda knows but not enough to say hello, so he thrusts himself into conversations by trying to say something witty, and only alienates himself more. I know that guy, he’s 44 and still lives at home.

    The ‘homeless in Downers’ essays that Elaine has written are well thought out and remarkably thorough, if you haven’t read them you should. I’m not alone in this community when I feel we have a growing problem with homelessness in our Downtown.

  4. markthoman Says:

    Okay, Meat gets it. I stand corrected.

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