County Press Release: ‘Seperation’ Moves Forward Updated with Village Press Release, Spellchecked!

DuPage County Board Chairman Bob Schillerstrom showed a bit of why it is good to be king, and how he can help the cities and villages of the county. It was King Bob that called the meeting before the ICC meeting to hash it out with local pols, IDOT Secretary Milt Sees, DG key players, and pulled everything together for Sec. Sees to make the final commitment.

Having done all the legwork diligently for so many years, and being a project ready to go didn’t hurt, but it serves as a reminder of the power wielded by a county board chair.


Project will increase safety and ease congestion, says Schillerstrom

WHEATON – By bringing together local units of government, Metra, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and members of the General Assembly, DuPage County Board Chairman Robert J. Schillerstrom is pleased to announce that funding has been secured for a grade separation at Belmont Road and the BNSF Railway Company tracks in Downers Grove.

Schillerstrom says the final hurdle was cleared when IDOT agreed to provide up to an additional $8.3 million to the project, on top of the $8.7 million they had originally pledged. The estimated cost of the project is $52.7 million, with $12 million anticipated from the Grade Crossing Protection Fund administered by the Illinois Commerce Commission, $17 million from IDOT, $16.5 from Metra, $2.37 million from BNSF Railway Company and $5.2 million provided by a CMAQ grant with a Metra local match.

This project will increase pedestrian and vehicle safety, as well as bring needed traffic relief to the Belmont Road rail crossing,” said Schillerstrom. “I want to thank everyone involved, especially State Senator Dan Cronin, State Senator Kirk Dillard and State Representative Patti Bellock, for ensuring this project takes place, which will benefit both Downer’s Grove and our entire region.”

Now that funding has been secured, Metra, the lead agency for the project, can complete the contract documents for an anticipated bid opening later this calendar year.

This was a real team victory and many good people had a hand in it”, stated Downers Grove Mayor Ron Sandack. “I would also like to thank IDOT for committing the funding for this important public safety project.”

# # #

The Village press release features correct spelling:

Funding for the Belmont Road Underpass Completed

At a hearing conducted by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) on Thursday, June 12, 2008, it was confirmed the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) will provide the $8.3 million dollars in capital funding needed to allow the Village to immediately begin construction on the Belmont Road Underpass. This commitment successfully completes recent efforts undertaken by the Mayor, Council and Village Staff to secure final funding for this much needed project.

Prior to the ICC hearing a meeting of representatives from the various participating agencies was convened at the request of DuPage County Board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom to address the funding gap needed to be closed before the ICC hearing. “It was terrific meeting and we obtained the best possible outcome when IDOT committed to funding this vital public safety project. This was a team victory and many good people had a hand in it”, stated Mayor Sandack. The list of local and state officials includes former Downers Grove Mayor Brian Krajewski, State Representatives Patti Bellock and Sandra Pihos, State Senators Dan Cronin and Kirk Dillard, DuPage County Board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom and Districts 2 and 3 County Board Members Brien Sheahan, Jeff Redick, Pat O’Shea, Tom Bennington, Kyle Gilgis and Michael McMahon.

In 2002, a partnership was formed by the Village of Downers Grove, DuPage

County, Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Metra, and the Burlington Northern

Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) to construct an underpass at the Belmont Road grade crossing in

Downers Grove. Since 1996, the Belmont Road crossing has been the site of 56 accidents, making it the most dangerous grade crossing along the BNSF line. When completed, this project will mitigate a public safety hazard, as well as improve traffic flow along this busy arterial that serves many communities.



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