Another Piece To The Stormwater Puzzle

I was up in Madison WI this week on business. I think the City Motto is “The USSR may have fallen but Madison marches on”. They’ve been on the west edge of where WI has been getting hammered by stormwater this spring, and the lakes are just about over their banks.

Being the state capital may help, but they seem to be a leg up on stormwater solutions too, and it has definitely helped.

I stopped and snapped these pics with my trusty phone cam of a parking lot, built to keep water on site and infiltrating back into the ground rather than running off into a storm sewer system. Even though the ground was flat, they shaped runoff to sewer gratings with underground cistern storage, and made the two parking spaces in front of the grating permeable by using open blocks set into sand and crushed rock, and filled with pea stone. This type of construction eliminates the first 1/2 to 1″ of rainfall from ever entering the system, instead of immediately funneling run off into the storm sewers.

The parking lot itself was broken up by medians instead of a flat featureless asphalt plain like we have here.

Again, thousands of dollars extra for the developer to minimize up front, millions of dollars for the taxpayers to correct later.

Pick one.


One Response to “Another Piece To The Stormwater Puzzle”

  1. Kevin G Says:

    Seems very reasonable

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