Fuel Costs Wrecking Budgets Everywhere

Not just me and you getting hammered by high fuel costs, government agencies everywhere are feeling it and reeling from it.

Soaring Fuel Costs Draining Government Budgets


WSJ: SEIU Docking Paychecks for Politics

Update: Right wing website Hot Air has also written up the curious political activities of the SEIU here, and ref’s the same WSJ story. Thanks Red Fred.

SEIU is the nations second largest public services union, with 850,000 local and state government workers, public school employees, bus drivers, and child care providers. They are actively organizing in Illinois, targeting non-management government public employees as a growth area.

DG already has three unions: Police, Fire, and Public Works, all non-management level.

The Wall Street Journal published this opinion article today:

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DG Budget Problem On One Page

Budget crunches can hit two ways; budgeted expenses come in higher than planned, and budgeted revenues come in lower than planned. DG has the unpleasant trend of both together.

One quarter into the fiscal year, Staff could see the trend, and raised the alert to council, outlining some steps they would initiate right away to shorten the gap.

You can read the entire monthly report, including the financial breakouts, here.

The 1% tax rate hike for the DG Telecommunication Tax has not yet kicked in on these reports. The local rate was 5% and is going to the maximum allowed by law 6%, same as many communities, That 1% rate hike is a 16.67% (oops) 20% increase in the local tax portion of your phone bills, anticipated to bring another $70,800 each month, or $850,000 into the coffers.

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The Strange Case of 63rd & Leonard: Intermezzo

According To State: Bradford Real Estate=Not Good Standing

Bradford Real Estate, Inc, the company behind Bradford 63rd LLC, has been listed as not in good standing as a corporation by the state. Bradford 63rd, LLC, is listed as in good standing.

Which company is developing this property and why can’t they keep their names straight?

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The Strange Case of 63rd and Leonard: Part 2

The residents of Hobsons Triangle may be in two land fights. Do they even know it?

Why would Bradford 63rd LLC pursue a development at 63rd and Leonard that fits almost none of the zoning ordinance requirements? Why would residents be subjected to almost a year of uncertainty?

Well, residents of Hobson’s Triangle, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is you’re not alone.  A neighborhood west of Fairview Village is going through the same kind of uncertainty and frustration as you are as a development gets strung out again and again. The bad news is, there is no other good news.

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Bear with me…

… I have a pretty full plate between work and family matters right now.

I had meant to do a bit on the citizen meetings. John Schofield has it, all right, over at DGreport-thanks John.

Short form: Streets, Flooding, Budget; these are essentials as I see them. Everything else is negotiable.

Red Light Cameras: Letter To Council