Some 2000-2007 Budget Numbers

Compiled from the village budgets, and required standardized annual reports filed with the State Comptroller. These graphs represent select information, not everything. Trying to find “tells” of expenses for specific future purposes by going through the budget is all but impossible. Our budget reporting is not unique in being dense and difficult to understand; in fact DG does better than most communities. Someday it will be searchable, but that day is not now.

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This first graph shows the total principal and interest payments made each year. There are two years where DG either payed a big chunk down on our debt, or rolled existing debt to take advantage of lower interest rates. There is no explanation given in the budget introductions or summaries for either year on these $4+ million dollar debt principal paydowns. For the 2006A eight month budget, the 2005 G.O. (General Obligation) bond that was issued for the Downtown TIF District appear to account for every penny of the paid Principal for the entire budget. That may be an anomaly of it not being a full year.

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On this graph, the purple columns in the back show the total budget appropriation. 2007 was the first year DG had a total appropriation in excess of $100 million. That’s $2,000 for eeach man woman and child living in DG. The blue columns represent total employee salaries, but do not necessarily reflect total employee costs, which also include insurance and pension contributions that typically are budgeted separately. Employee costs are the single largest expense. This is true for most private companies also.

I have not been able to parse the 2006A numbers via the budget; this type of summary information comes from the reports DG makes to the Illinois Comptroller, but should be included in the materials available from the village.

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This graph shows the full and part time positions in our local government. Police, Fire, and Public Works are where most of our village employees work. Village Hall staff is a distant fourth. Given that payroll expenses have risen steadily over the last eight years, and numbers have held steady, it appears DG has kept up with the Joneses on payscale.

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Our Equalized Assessed Value has risen steadily. EAV is what real estate taxes are based on, but doesn’t necessarily reflect what the market price really is for real estate (especially right now). Although it usually is pretty close, the Township Assessor has the authority to set assessments, and you have to challenge if you disagree. The higher the EAV, the higher the tax bill, the more revenue for government units. There are many other factors that play into this, but in general, it shows good health in our village.

I remember a sign from back when in the Naperville Assessors Office: “Breathes there a man with soul so tough, who thinks his taxes not high enough?” Not me, my taxes are plenty high. I get nervous every time there’s talk about how reasonable our tax rates and levy are; a sure sign taxes are going up again.

Speaking of EAV, here’s the Top Ten in DG:

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2 Responses to “Some 2000-2007 Budget Numbers”

  1. Sideline Observer Says:

    The village says it has fallen on hard times. Expenses were higher than planned, and revenues were less. Who woulda thunk. Brace for another round of tax increases next year?

  2. markthoman Says:

    Staff is acknowledging the growing budget gap. I have a post specifically on the “Staff Asks Council For Permission To Rein In Spending”.

    I hope another round of tax increases is not the answer. We haven’t even got to how Crook County and Mayor Daley have decided to rip us off on water rate hikes for the next several years.

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