Staff Asks Council For Permission To Rein In Spending

This is an unexpected turn that shows a staff willing to bring bad news to the public light. It would be nice if it’s always good news, but good news or bad news; what matters is that it’s accurate news so informed decisions can be made based on that accurate information.

Two items of note regarding budgeting and spending coming up for discussion at this week’s council workshop that reflect that mindset:

Active a FY08 Budget Update and Discussion outlines where expenses have escalated past projections, and where revenues may not keep up with expectations, and makes some modest suggestions to implement now at the front edge of the problem, rather than later when it might become a full-blown crisis.

Active b Integrated Branding and Marketing Initiative asks for council to hold off on spending $95,400 on North Start Destination Strategies so DG can have a brand, and all the goodness that the branding will bring. Maybe someone read somewhere that you need a place to start from before you decide on what journey to take. That starting point would be the TCD3 now pushed back to late this year early/next year.

Figuring out where we are and what our concerns are, rolling that into a Comprehensive Plan to replace the 40+ year old Plan still in effect, has been a goal of Martin Tully that he has championed and pushed into sharper focus this year as developers, and the future, push hard at the lines drawn by the aged CP. A current, clear, concise CP will help guide DG for years to come.

We don’t have a critical need to hire NSDS. Holding off on spending $100,000 that we may need elsewhere seems prudent.


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