Further Planner Progress

Two quick and happy items:

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Stormwater: Park District Steps Up…

...seems like a good trade off instead of this.

...seems like a good trade off instead of this.

… and Village Shows The Love

All material taken from 8/26/2008 Workshop Agenda Item Active b , a resolution and background report to council, submitted by David Fieldman, Deputy Village Manager, that will be approved next week, in blue.

Intergovernmental Agreements with the Downers Grove Park District for Stormwater Improvement Projects

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The Strange Case of 63rd and Leonard: Endgame?

Where’d it go?

Funny thing about Bradford Real Estate, LLC: on the way to traumatizing Hobson Triangle DG taxpaying residents (who think their residential neighborhood should remain a residential neighborhood despite what some opportunists from Tinley Park or wherever might want) Bradford stopped talking. To residents, and to the village.

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Naperville “Sound Off” On Public Pensions

Pensions: Retirement’s Holy Grail

Opens up a can of pent up hostility in the friendly confines of our large neighbor to the west. Maybe things aren’t so bad here after all?

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Fire and Police Public Pension Problems

“governments (must) stop granting any new retirement benefit enhancements unless they also increase employer and/or employee contributions sufficiently to fully fund the enhancements.”

Most Illinois’ pension funds for public employees are in financial trouble. The plight of the state’s retirement programs for public school teachers and state workers has been widely discussed in the media, but the pension funds serving police officers and firefighters are in even worse financial condition. Illinois has the second highest unfunded pension obligations in the country with a $40 billion shortfall in 2006. The real culprit has been and continues to be the repeated failure of the state to make its full annual employer contribution to the system.

James M. Banovetz and Dawn S. Peters at the NIU Center for Governmental Studies reports on the question:

“What needs to be done to improve the financial strength of the pension systems for Illinois police officers and firefighters, with special emphasis on those public safety personnel in all Illinois municipalities other than Chicago?”

Read the entire report here.

Can cities afford to keep paying pensions?

Speaking the unspeakable.

19 percent of local tax levy supports retirement plans

August 24, 2008 By MIKE MITCHELL mmitchell@scn1.com

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5 Year Strategic Plan + 5 Year Budget Plan = ?

The Strategic Plan and the Budget Plan give a somewhat muddled snapshot of what taxpayers can expect in the near future. It isn’t pretty.

I need a picture of a bigger pile of money…

5 Year Strategic Plan v 2008

5 Year Strategic Plan v 2007

5 Year Budget Plan

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