Carpenter Street Update

While loading the car to take one son back to college yesterday Kerstin vonderHeide and Tom the sidewalk engineer came by to look at my situation, as Mike Millette and Dave Fieldman promised. It was coincidence I was still there, but I made my points, and there was, generally, no disagreement past the “here’s how we try and do things”.

The engineer Tom agreed that they could put sidewalks next to the Curb, but they weren’t planning on replacing the curb (I suggested they could simply cut what needed to be cut). I also pointed out to him it would make the re-sloping of my driveway a one piece solution instead of a two piece solution separated by a level sidewalk. Kerstin agreed the furthest away was the best and agreed with my assessment that cutting where planned would destabilize the trees to west winds.

So I had two PW employees who should have some say agreeing; Tom that it could be done, Kerstin that it should be done. But neither of them are the bosses, Robin Weaver and Mike Millette are. I urged then to speak with them and give them their opinions, and that both of their superiors have agreed that non-ash, non-invasive trees must be given priority.

The fences that were all down were all back up this morning. Looks like they inspected the site for fence issues. Good deal. Oops most were up, not all.

Tom and Kerstin both said any sidewalk adjoining a curb has to be seven feet wide. I urged them to think creatively rather than follow dogma. I don’t know where this has been followed elsewhere in residential areas, but a seven foot wide sidewalk still puts it too close for comfort. Even 6 3/4 feet wide is better than seven.

They also brought up snow plows blocking the sidewalk. All I can say is they must not get out much after the village plows. First, they drive fast enough down my streets that the snow flies well past 10 feet anyway; they even pile it up on the corner where the sidewalk hits the street, and I still shovel a path through. Second I shovel my walks. I actually enjoy it. I’m not fast, but the stillness and whiteness of a new snow, having a reason to be outside then, appeals to me. Pushing some snow around is a small thing in such surroundings.

They’re supposed to start next week. Still no idea of what will happen after eight and a half months.


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