Metra Gives Council The Word

Metra says what it is.

And it is good. Three plus years to build, a separate pedestrian underpass to the west, three construction stages, and a construction time-line chart that is clean as can be, all inside…

Click on any image for a larger version.

This is how it looked about 2 -3 years ago actually.

Major elements include:

  • 3-Track RR Bridge Over Belmont Road (Incl. Boarding Platforms & Stairwell Structures)
  • Pedestrian Underpass Tunnel with access Ramps & Stairwells Adjacent to Tunnel
  • Lowered & Reconstructed Highway with Interchange Ramps
  • Burlington / Warren Ave. Highway Bridge over Belmont Road
  • Pump Station for Underpass

Plus additional feastures:

  • Public Utility Relocations under RR Tracks & along Length of Project (Storm, Sanitary & Water)
  • New Parking Lots with Underground Stormwater Detention Systems
  • Retaining Walls
  • Reconfigured Tracks with New Commuter Boarding Platform
  • New Traffic Signal at Haddow Ave.
  • Improvement of Prairie Ave Intersection (DuPage County)

1st Year – Install Bridge & Tunnel Foundations

  • Highway on Temporary Run-around
  • 3 Tracks in Service w/ Short 1-Track Outages

2nd Year – Construct Bridges & Tunnel

  • 90 days with 2-Track Rail Service
  • Build Pump Station, Stairwells & Tunnel Ramps
  • Excavate & Build 2 Lanes under RR Bridge

3rd Year – Construct Remainder of Project

  • Construct Remainder of Project

This is the first stage road plan, curving around the underpass construction with 2 lanes of traffic, one lane each way. Can’t be helped, this is gonna be backup city during commutes. Adjust departure times accordingly.

After the underpass is ready, there’s still two lanes while they finish the turn feeder on the east side. In the above, the west side is shown complete.

How the elements of the project fit together on a time-line.

Ta Daaa!

How it lays out when finished. The first pic at the top has the artist’s rendering.


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