The Strange Case of 63rd and Leonard: Endgame?

Where’d it go?

Funny thing about Bradford Real Estate, LLC: on the way to traumatizing Hobson Triangle DG taxpaying residents (who think their residential neighborhood should remain a residential neighborhood despite what some opportunists from Tinley Park or wherever might want) Bradford stopped talking. To residents, and to the village.

Somebody must have checked the municipal code and found out what I did a couple months ago: this project met none, zero, not a single requirement. Easily the poster child for irresponsible, incomprehensible development. To boot it sought spot zoning to breach a residential neighborhood with a useless commercial development for a drive through bank and a business to be named later- massage parlor, tanning salon, tattoo parlor, there’s many amenities lacking the area.

When I had first written about this starting early July, it looked like some sort of fix was getting done. The PC flatly rejected the proposal with a unanimous negative recommendation to council. Rather than vote on that recommendation, council sent it back to the PC for further consideration in light of what Bradford said was “new” information.

The only problem is there isn’t any new information.  Add to that, the courts are coming down on the side of residents and against spot zoning requests.  That probably includes against those who might argue that, say, Woodridge has commercial there, so we should be able to have it here where it doesn’t belong.

So Bradford has offered up nothing in the way of new information, and probably never will. There has been no request for this ill conceived project to go on the September Plan Commission agenda.

I asked the Community Development Department to look into a time limit on this. Bradford should not have eternity to torment the residents of Hobsons Triangle. They had a bad project, they are not proceeding in a timely manner.

Time for this nightmare to end, so those folks can get on with being a residential neighborhood.


One Response to “The Strange Case of 63rd and Leonard: Endgame?”

  1. markthoman Says:

    Note: Not “fix” like “the fix is in”, “fix” like “everyone knows this is not appropriate and needs to be fixed”.

    Got that?

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