Stormwater: Park District Steps Up…

...seems like a good trade off instead of this.

...seems like a good trade off instead of this.

… and Village Shows The Love

All material taken from 8/26/2008 Workshop Agenda Item Active b , a resolution and background report to council, submitted by David Fieldman, Deputy Village Manager, that will be approved next week, in blue.

Intergovernmental Agreements with the Downers Grove Park District for Stormwater Improvement Projects

A resolution authorizing the Village Manager to execute three (3) Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA’s) with the Downers Grove Park District has been prepared. The IGA’s would permit the Village to construct detention basins in McCollum, Sterling North and Washington Parks as part of the Watershed Infrastructure Improvement Plan.

Click on pics for larger image. My apologies for the black and white.

The IGA’s require the Village to construct certain recreational improvements to be conveyed to the Park District. The estimated cost of the recreational improvements is $2,250,000. These costs and the costs of constructing the detention basins and related stormwater infrastructure improvements will be included in the FY09 Budget. Proceeds from the General Obligation bonds for stormwater system improvements will be used to pay for the improvements.

Village Obligations
Design and construct stormwater infrastructure improvements at the Village’s sole cost and expense.

  • McCollum Park – one surface, dry bottom detention basin.
    ketball courts and the volleyball courts move over to south of the N parking lot.

    The dry botton detention (in red) is a soccer field. Basketball and volleyball courts (in yellow) move over to south of the N parking lot.

    • Sterling North Park – one wet-bottom basin with sufficient depth to allow water-based recreational activities and to allow wintering over of fish.
    This is the only one designed to be a pond.

    This is the only one designed to be a pond.

  • Washington Park – two surface, dry bottom basins.

    Two dry bottom detention areas, both with soccer fields. The SE area will also feature a ball field.

    Design and construct recreational improvements at the Village’s sole cost and expense.

    • McCollum Park – a soccer field with a crown and perimeter drainage system, an irrigation system for the soccer field, relocation of an existing sand volleyball court and relocation of an existing basketball court. Estimated cost of $200,000.
    • Sterling North Park – playground equipment, shelter, pedestrian bridge, walking paths and parking lot. Estimated cost of $750,000.
    • Washington Park – two soccer fields with a crown and perimeter drainage system, a decorative fountain, reconstruction of an existing softball field, decorative retaining walls, pedestrian path and other similar improvements. Estimated cost of $1,300,000.

    Village Obligations (cont’d)

    • Submit the final engineering plans for review and approval to the Park District.Design and construct the stormwater and recreational improvements pursuant to a schedule included in the IGA’s.
    • Properly dispose of any environmentally contaminated or hazardous materials encountered during the construction process.
    • Maintain the stormwater improvements pursuant to maintenance standards included in the IGA’s.

    Park District Obligations

    • Grant an easement to the Village for the construction and maintenance of the stormwater improvements.
    • Review and approve the final engineering plans submitted by the Village.
    • Accept the recreational improvements provided that they substantially conform to the approved plans and specifications.
    • Cooperate with the Village with regard to any environmental remediation activities.

    The Village hosted a neighborhood meeting on Monday, August 11, 2008, to allow nearby residents to review the concept plans, ask any questions and make any comments. Approximately 20 people attended the meeting. They raised concerns about safety, usability of soccer fields and softball fields within detention basins and disruption of the parks due to construction activities. Upon approval of the IGA’s, staff and the consulting engineers will proceed with the preparation of the final engineering plans. The final designs will attempt to address the concerns identified by the neighboring residents.

    The Downers Grove Board of Park District Commissioners considered the IGA’s at their August 21, 2008 meeting. The Board voted unanimously to approve the IGA’s in concept and directed the Park District staff to make minor revisions to the IGA’s that would specifically state that the District has the option to purchase additional alternative items and have them constructed in conjunction with the projects. Other minor modifications were also requested. Village staff does not object to the proposed modifications. Revised IGA’s will be presented to the Council at the September 2, 2008 Council meeting. The Park District Board is expected to approve the revised IGA’s at their September 4, 2008 meeting.

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    One Response to “Stormwater: Park District Steps Up…”

    1. Art Jaros Says:

      The Park Board did formally approve the three Intergovernmental Agreements with the Village government (one for each park) at its September 4 board meeting. Thanks to Mark for his fine coverage here.

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