Dear Anonymous Idiot

Getting the weekend off right

Take it somewhere else, jerk, like over to Sandack.  I put his cell phone down.  Talk to me (cell 630-750-5179) or to Ron or to us both, but in the meantime take the inflammatory rhetoric and start your own blog.

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Comparing Citizens Summit to Strategic Planning

How does what residents say compare to what staff says is important to budget for?

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TIF Districts: More

Does District 99 understand what TIF’s are doing to District 99?

From the DT TIF JBR minutes at the top of page 4:

Mr. Mark Staehlin commented that he wanted to clarify a statement made by Ms. Bennett. He said speaking from a school district perspective, any taxing body that is tax capped has not lost any dollars. He explained that the school district would get a consumer price increase (CPI) in their extension every year, so whatever  mount was levied last year the school district gets a CPI this year of 2.5 percent. Tax caps guarantee the  school district that same increment amount whether or not the property is protected by the  TIF.

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5 Year Strategic Plan + 5 Year Budget Plan = ?

The Strategic Plan and the Budget Plan give a somewhat muddled snapshot of what taxpayers can expect in the near future. It isn’t pretty.

I need a picture of a bigger pile of money…

5 Year Strategic Plan v 2008

5 Year Strategic Plan v 2007

5 Year Budget Plan

When you read through both SP’s, they are basically a template with much the same information on both. That’s probably good; radical changes of direction or goals generally have negative connotations.

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A New Village Manager Soon?

Eh, maybe not…

Red Fred checks in with another love letter:

to: Mark Thoman <>

date: Sat, Sep 20, 2008 at 10:46AM

subject: Hey Idiot,

Don’t suppose you noticed the village website was off line this morning. Now there’s no link through to the Village Manager’s Office. And they been having executive session personnel meetings hot and heavy lately. Methinks they hired a replacement, probably Dave Van Voren, who used to work here and was replaced by Dave Fieldman.

Anytime you wanna wake up and smell the coffee, bro.

Can’t say about the website being down, but the VM link is definitely cold. My recollection is van Vooren is a likable guy, and started around the same time as Petrarca, 2002 or so, and he was the Deputy Village Manager. One budget session, maybe ’03 or ’04 he was on the hot seat, right when Rita Trainor started, maybe her first year.

The last time DG hired a VM, the two finalists were announced and introduced. Nothing along those lines yet. Council needs to make a call soon. Having the new hire in place before the ’09 budget workshops begin makes sense.

UPDATE Wed 9/24: Council met in closed session again last night, Red. MT

Recycling Extravaganza Blows Away Expectations

Directly from the village website:

Recycling Extravaganza – Recap

Preliminary results are in from Saturday’s Recycling Extravaganza:

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Citizen Summit 2008: Mr. Meaney Measures Messages

Private Citizen Tim Meaney, fellow member of the Downers Grove Coalition for Managed Redevelopment, weighs in:

At our August Coalition meeting, I volunteered to analyze some of the data comprising the output of this year’s Citizen Summit. As you will recall, the document prepared by the consultant simply transcribed the flipcharts generated at the Summit – no analysis, no interpretation, no commentary.

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