Red Fred Calls One in About Fairview Village

Red Fred emailed me his synopsis of the Plan Commission meeting Monday night, along with a “where the hell were you” rejoinder. Heh. Can’t be everywhere.

Here’s his report…

Hey Dude,

Just a quick update because I knew you’d be interested. And where the hell were you anyway? I thought you love this stuff. 😉

The PC voted to recommend the rezoning of Lynn Gremer Court (Green Acres) for the Fairview Village expansion, 4 to 3. It’s not the final development approval, just the re-zoning. When council sent it back to the PC it wanted to know about four issues:

1) Impact on neighborhood (property values)
2) Is the new zoning appropriate
3) Stormwater management
4) Traffic study

Sixty people or so at the meeting.

Russ Jr. was there and had a few comments for the pro-FV side. Nothing of much substance, though. I think he just wanted to make himself known.

FV said they’d agree to any change or condition tonight to get approval, not that there were any added at the meeting. I think somebody is walking FV through this, they are much too stupid to be doing this all on their own. FV is so confident that it is going to get this zoning change that they have already started improving their pond for the stormwater management for this project.

Bill White, Chairman of the ZBA, was there, but this time said he was not “representing” the residents, merely “advising them.” Um… I’m not sure how that was different, but you must have gotten him in trouble with Enza. (Me here: Me? Get BW in trouble? By suggesting Ron not vote on something one of his most public supporters was handling? No way.) He pulled out his “I’m on the ZBA card” and waved it around a bit when he spoke. I could tell he had coached the three residents who got up to speak, if not written the speeches for them. It sounded like they were answering questions the ZBA asks all the time, and all of the answers were covered in the resident’s speeches, no need to even ask the question. Pretty slick.

Staff had kindly provided the parcel numbers for the lots in the meeting info, so I looked up the sale on the township assessor’s website. It looks like somebody paid about $25K for 6 of the lots. $4,170 per lot to be exact. Can you even imagine a lot anywhere in DG going for that? Where’s that line form next time; I want to be in it! One lot has a house on it that’s assessed at $286,000, or a market value of $867K. That $4,170 looks to be about what back taxes may have been on most of the lots, but some lots had no taxes assessed. WTF buddy, you need to get on the stick here, the plot just thickens.

One resident alleged that FV owns more lots in the area and that this is just the tip of the iceberg on their expansion plans. It was disregarded for being irrelevant to the proceedings. May be real relevant to the neighbors before long. First four apartment buildings, next-what?

Somebody is gonna make a lot of money off this, at the expense of the residents, the question is who? It sure isn’t DG, we never got squat for taxes, and if FV keeps the property that’s a NP religious outfit-no taxes bro. Nothing for nobody. Hallelujah!

Peace bro,

Fred for McCain/McBabe


I met Red Fred at a Plan Commission meeting a couple years ago. He reminded me in an email. Red Fred sends me emails and links more than he comments anywhere. He claims to be purebred Roosevelt Republican, as in Teddy, so he has his moments. Always dead sure of his position and dubious of mine (heck, anyone else’s if it doesn’t match up 100% with his), he nonetheless seems to appreciate anyone foolish enough to weigh in with an independent opinion, as long as it’s near or to the right of the far right.

Sorry Fred, couldn’t help it.


One Response to “Red Fred Calls One in About Fairview Village”

  1. Red Fred Says:

    You took out the part about how I insightfully and thoughtfully opine that all those lawyers look and act like a bunch of oily little weasels.

    And you’re not always wrong because sometimes you agree with me.

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