Citizen Summit 2008: Mr. Meaney Measures Messages

Private Citizen Tim Meaney, fellow member of the Downers Grove Coalition for Managed Redevelopment, weighs in:

At our August Coalition meeting, I volunteered to analyze some of the data comprising the output of this year’s Citizen Summit. As you will recall, the document prepared by the consultant simply transcribed the flipcharts generated at the Summit – no analysis, no interpretation, no commentary.

Attached is my analysis of the 85 items that comprise the “Major Concerns” section of the Citizen Summit document.

I sent a copy to Dave Fieldman and Mike Baker earlier today for their comments, advising them that I plan to present it to the Council prior to the budget process.

Your comments are also appreciated.

Best regards,


The complete collation of responses is here on the Downers Grove Coalition for Managed Redevelopment website.


2 Responses to “Citizen Summit 2008: Mr. Meaney Measures Messages”

  1. John Schofield Says:

    For those who don’t know him, Tim Meaney is a professional marketing consultant with a lot of experience conducting interviews and summarizing interview data. Tim was a Vice President of Market Research for Citibank’s North American Consumer Division.

    He has given the Village, for free, a careful summary of the Citizen Summit that the paid strategic planning consultant did not, and perhaps could not, provide.

  2. Marge Says:

    Thanks for boiling this down Tim!

    It looks like a pool isn’t exactly at the top of the list.

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