Recycling Extravaganza Blows Away Expectations

Directly from the village website:

Recycling Extravaganza – Recap

Preliminary results are in from Saturday’s Recycling Extravaganza:

  • 7 53-foot trailers of electronics
  • 197 American flags
  • 874 ink jet cartridges
  • 878 cell phones
  • 20 cribs
  • 10 dressers
  • 631 eyeglasses
  • 19 hearing aids

All these items were collected from at least 1625 cars by over 150 volunteers.

The Village wishes to thank all those organizations and individuals that made this event successful!

Last edited by Management Analyst, about 15 hours ago

Also kitchenware, and CFL bulbs, and a box filled up with the long tube neon bulbs; I think Ace Hardware, which took the CFL’s, took those with too for recycling. Organized, coordinated, and supervised by Staff Management Analyst Megan Bourke (very sunny and a blur of motion), the event ran a steady stream of vehicles through, and was an unqualified success.

Everyone there was in the absolute best of moods, us volunteers and donators alike. One couple I talked to that had a trailer hitched up to the back of their pick up said neighbors all contributed to filling that up, which was very cool.

I still heard later that night some people still hadn’t heard of the event, and most of them had multiple pieces of computer junk, so next years event still has plenty of raw material available.

Doug Kozlowski and Don Wilson from the Communications Department were there with the Channel 6 van taking some photos and video, so we should see something in the near future.

There were no costs associated with this event past printing up some flyers and handouts, and Megan’s time, diligence, and effort putting it all together. If the garbage contract for the amnesty day coming up says the village pays by the ton, this event actually saved taxpayers money by taking many tons of recyclable material out of the amnesty day pickup.

That’s a win all around.

5 Responses to “Recycling Extravaganza Blows Away Expectations”

  1. Elaine Johnson Says:

    Just curious, Thoman. Did you ask the village for the data, or did they supply it voluntarily. I would have loved to have followed up with the results (and still probably will), but didn’t get a chance to call VH today.

    Good job.

  2. Martin Tully Says:


    The data Mark quotes is taken from and available on the front page of the Village website:

  3. Elaine Johnson Says:

    Now why would I have thought to look there? 🙂

  4. Martin Tully Says:

    What was the title of that other thread Mark started? Something like, “Shoving it under their Noses”? LOL

  5. John Schofield Says:

    It was a wonderful example of the Village working together with residents for the benefit of the community — and the environment.

    I parted (sniffle snifle) with my very first computer, a huge heavy thing that must have cost me $3,500 when I bought it, as well as a whole pile of obsolescent stereo equipment.

    The event was well organized. When we went at 11:30 the line was short and moved quickly. My neighbor who went somewhat later said it was very quick.

    My only suggestion for next time: more prominent signage at each of the various collection stations. We did not take a map on entering, our bad, and thus had to ask at each collection station.

    (I didn’t think they were geared up to take four-foot fluorescent tubes, so I left them home. Still need to find a place to recycle them.)

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