Dear Anonymous Idiot

Getting the weekend off right

Take it somewhere else, jerk, like over to Sandack.  I put his cell phone down.  Talk to me (cell 630-750-5179) or to Ron or to us both, but in the meantime take the inflammatory rhetoric and start your own blog.

so, see if you can’t get anonymous, please, to call me or email me or meet me over coffee (want to broker a sit-down?). If he or she can take the time to do a drive-by character assignation; let’s see if anonymous wants to put up her/his ideas,complaints, etc. to truly better our Village. Because right now all she/he is adding is anger, ugliness and the like–and that ain’t good for anyone.
You game?

Ron Sandack

Mayor of Downers Grove

801 Burlington Ave.

Downers Grove, IL 60515

cell – 312/371-2516

If this is the flip side of that I Read it In DG, or that same person, or that moron sock puppet agitator over on DGreport, buzz off.

Sandack is more polite than me about it.  I used to keep this open.  Now I’m holding comments until I see them before they go up. You can come on here and call me names, but you can’t come on here and be abusive and call someone else names.  You want to talk specifics and back up the BS, you’ll need a real name.

Sorry to the few that actually contribute here.

Update: Okay a couple hours later, I watched the presidential debates, and it strikes me how they both sought to put the other on the defensive for something or another, and I think I’ve been punk’d, much like x017030 over on DGreport, or DGDood is having fun in their thoughtless way, or maybe they thought I would tolerate what they said.  Have a good laugh.  I’d be happy to talk over your issues, and if you have any proof of anything you want to say I’ll listen.

But you’re not dictating how I run my blog.  Stand up as a real person and your comments stay up.  Post jackass comments as a sock puppet and they leave as soon as I find them, and as you can tell I have readers to help single out knuckleheads.  Just like IRIIDG, I don’t expect to ever hear from you, but I know you’ll probably read this and think you sure showed me.


8 Responses to “Dear Anonymous Idiot”

  1. markthoman Says:

    Just to be clear-

    Take the hate somewhere else.

  2. Sideline Says:

    Damn. Missed it.

  3. Ms. Thang Says:

    I don’t get it… what is this post in response to? I guess you’ve already taken down whatever it was that crossed the line, which was definitely the right thing to do, but can we at least get some context?

  4. markthoman Says:

    Unfounded, mean spirited, specious personal attacks on every member of council was what was pulled. Someone was having a joke or a bad day or thought they’d stir up some trouble. My guess is the last.

    It’s one thing to say(and provide that context you speak of), “council needs to get off their butts and get moving”, or “they made a mistake”, or “they’re doing the wrong thing”. I have. It’s another for an anonymous poster to come on and, with a very mean spirit, and in a very small minded way, attack every council member singly and in whole.

    My blog, not theirs. If they would have left it at council in general I would have probably left it up and let it ride, but this commenter just wanted to play dirty. There have been those in the past that have; just look at attack ads in the last few 99 elections, spreading lies and setting such a good example of keeping the kids first, BTW. The comment reminded me of that, and I won’t have that here. Really got my hackles up.

  5. Elaine Johnson Says:

    What thread was the diatribe in response to? Has this person shown up here in the past? Do you think it is IRIIDG?

  6. markthoman Says:

    It wasn’t really in response to anything. A string of low level provocative comments on several posts, like someone was just browsing through, and then (s)he tees off in a comment on “A New Village Manager Soon?”. I thought it was that x01730 guy at first, from DGreport, but the sheer cheap pettiness of the comments made me think of IRIIDG too. Gone now, hasn’t come back. Approving comments is a pain in the neck, though.

  7. markthoman Says:

    I had to think about this one. Sock puppet agitators normally aren’t welcome here, but this sock is correct, as near as I can tell the ISP’s are completely different. And he doesn’t have to be sorry he disagrees with me, I don’t mind that, it’s the thoughtless comments I mind, and sock puppets sometimes specialize in those.

    Put up a real name and you can blast away. Art Jaros can give you pointers if you need help; he’s my fav when it comes to documenting where I’m off base.

  8. Art Jaros Says:

    Thank you for the stance you’ve taken here, Mark. Truth and accuracy are commonly given short shrift (in favor of emotional attacks, hyperbole and villification) particularly in the political part of self-governance. In my view, anonymity tends to provide a breeding ground for the worst types of attack. I think you and your female counterpart at dgreport do a fine job on much deeper reporting of the issues that concern and/or affect us.

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