Fairview Village: “This is a tough decision.”

In 2002 there was an expectation, fairly made by council to residents, that they would not be subjected to further eroding of their single family residential neighborhood.  The current Fairview Village request for a dramatic change of zoning falls squarely in the lap of council. They seem to be aware of the legislative discretion they have (and are taking it seriously), and of the fact that the rezoning request clearly fails on at least one count. Read the rest of this entry »


Putting The Brakes On “Dumb Growth”?

William White steps back from direct involvement in the Fairview Village expansion, and steps up big time as a resident advocate of good process.

This is worthy of a hard news story, and 5 will get you 10 Elaine Johnson will cover the bases over at DGreport far better than I could.

Just in the last two years, consider:

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DG Community Development Recommends Council Oppose Trowbridge Development

Is the single family residential character of Downers Grove under assault?

This Tuesday Council will contemplate approving a resolution opposing a development in the unincorporated west side of Downers Grove, specifically the proposal to turn two homes into 24 town homes.  This spot zoning breaker is brought to us by politically connected DuPage County Republican Patricia Trowbridge and clan, and amounts to a brazen attempt to jam high density multifamily dwellings into a low density single family neighborhood.

UPDATE: The County ZBA will forward a decision on November 6 to the full County Board.

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Go Mustangs!

2009 Budget: Scalpel Time

Staff takes another look at where expenses can be trimmed.

Continuing efforts to blunt the impact of reduced revenues, especially sales tax revenues that continue to lag, staff has taken a further look at where efficiencies, reductions, and deferrals can be made.

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They’re Back: Fairview Village Tries Again

Fairview Village is back once again in front of council this Tuesday asking for approval of high density housing on the west side of Fairview in an area that is zoned specifically for single family homes.

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2008 Heritage Fest Report On Line

You can read the entire report here, which includes a complete breakout of revenues and expenses.  Overall, a great award winning mid year event for DG.  Expenses ran past revenues, and it is examined with some recommendations.

Items in need of rethinking:

  • The Thursday night benefit concert drew fewer than 900 attendees compared to 2007’s 2,900.  By any standard a precipitous drop, event organizers learned the band is critical.  2007’s Gin Blossoms were no longer a top act, but were well known; 2008’s Vertical Limit was a late 90’s one hit wonder that was not well known.
  • The parking garage needed police help, and seemed a bit of a stretch for any charity group to handle.  Only one group even applied in 2008, despite earning over $$5,200.