DG Community Development Recommends Council Oppose Trowbridge Development

Is the single family residential character of Downers Grove under assault?

This Tuesday Council will contemplate approving a resolution opposing a development in the unincorporated west side of Downers Grove, specifically the proposal to turn two homes into 24 town homes.  This spot zoning breaker is brought to us by politically connected DuPage County Republican Patricia Trowbridge and clan, and amounts to a brazen attempt to jam high density multifamily dwellings into a low density single family neighborhood.

UPDATE: The County ZBA will forward a decision on November 6 to the full County Board.

County Zoning Petition #Z08-083 Trowbridge (2508-2520 College Road) Belmont Park Townhomes proposal can be found here. County seems predisposed to allow this to be slammed in.  The problem?  Doesn’t fit the area, and is plainly another county connected pol trying to cash in.  Woodridge is already on record in writing opposing the development, and this is DG’s chance to go on record also opposing a bad plan in a wrong place.

Yet another attempt to break the zoning, as the very nice town homes facing Maple did a couple years ago.  DG Community Development looked at the project and recommends opposing the project by approving the resolution of opposition.  By placing it on the consent agenda it is voted on with several other items at the same time.  If it remains on the consent agenda, it should pass.

If there’s no specific comment by council members, that will be too bad.  With an election in six months it would be instructive to see what the thoughts are of all council members on a project such as this, and what council’s thoughts are on zoning, and development in general.

And then there’s Fairview Village, another attempt to breach single family zoning with high density condos.


One Response to “DG Community Development Recommends Council Oppose Trowbridge Development”

  1. Cheryl Wegner Says:

    I’m glad you’re in agreement with the residents about this foolish plan. As a resident myself of Belmont Park, I feel completely threatened by the idea of townhomes snaking through our beautiful neighborhood. Belmont Park is a gem of rural living hidden within our town. We have huge lots, narrow roads, no curbs or sidewalks, and we chose this neighborhood for the lifestyle it provides.

    The Trowbridge/Callahan developers argue that the “trend” of this neighborhood is multi family developments, which is simply not true. There is no trend like that now, but if it is allowed to start with their project, there could be no stopping it. If you come to our neighborhood you will clearly see a trend of new, high end construction and constant upgrading and improvements to the existing homes.

    I do hope the Village of Downers Grove will support us in our fight to preserve Belmont Park.

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