They’re Back: Fairview Village Tries Again

Fairview Village is back once again in front of council this Tuesday asking for approval of high density housing on the west side of Fairview in an area that is zoned specifically for single family homes.

This one’s had it’s twists and turns.  Bill White, current Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals was originally the attorney representing the residents opposing the spot zoning breach, and is now apparently consulting, not representing them. James Russ Jr. spoke on behalf of the project.  Residents in the area brought up two previous instances where past councils have told them they would not further change single family residential to upzoned purposes.  It has been handled like the hot potato it is by being sent back to the Plan Commission for traffic studies and further consideration.  Fairview Village officials have patiently kept the project alive, attempting to reach a compromise that gives them what they want over resident objections.

DG Community Development staff has recommending that the Plan Commission deny the rezoning requests in the past.  All residents in the area oppose this project, and will probably be out again in force if they know about it.

I have not been able to successfully download the new Active a supporting paperwork, so I don’t know any particulars, and the Plan Commission minutes for the September meeting are not yet on line, so this is one coming back without the benefit of much information transparancy.

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