The Squeeze Next Time

dollar-squeezedAfter much work by staff, Downers Grove has come up with a levy for next year that is, for practical purposes, the same as this year.  That’s a notable achievement.  On our real estate property tax bills next year there won’t be a larger dollar amount for the village’s slice of the real estate tax pie.

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Strategic Plan Plans

Every goal has a strategy how to get to that goal, and every strategy has a plan.  Staff has taken it a step further with plans for specific items within the Strategic Plan.  The Plan’s plan…

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Red Light Cameras Go Out To Bid

703px-red-light-camera-springfield-ohioVillage moves forward on increasing revenues via RLC.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that Red Light Cameras do not enhance safety, despite the fact Police Departments with RLC are asking for them to be taken away, despite the problems communities have had with them, despite how RLC companies have left a trail of campaign contributions, despite the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety being the only proponent of RLC, Downers Grove on Thursday November 20th released a Request For Proposals for Red light Cameras.

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Council To Discuss Strategic Plan Implementation

Is it go time for the top and high priority action agenda items identified in the 2008-2013 Strategic Plan?

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EDC & Village to DeVry: Let’s Talk

Come on in...

Come on in...

This is a pleasant piece of news reflecting continued work by the EDC and village staff.  DeVry Technical Institute, first established in 1931, is in discussions about moving their corporate headquarters and university facility to the north side of DG, and it has progressed to a point where Mike Baker is bringing to council an Economic Development Agreement with DeVry for consideration, and approval to move forward.

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King Bob Moving Up?

sauron1Done saving DuPage County, maybe looking at State-wide office.

On the up side, he couldn’t possibly do worse than future convict Blago.  On the reality side, his DuPage County history shows he’d give that standard a sure test.  1/2% sales tax “for transportation” that Birkett and Zaruba stamped their feet for so they could pay their people more, a budget that totters on unsustainable legs, pay for play that takes a back seat to no one, financing straw dog candidates to run against board members he doesn’t like, using his office for personal gain…

…I guess he is eminently qualified for state office after all.

David Brooks Makes Sense

I usually stick to local events, but the forming lines of badly run companies looking to the federal government for bailout money really hits a nerve.  I’ve been reading news feeds for years documenting the failure of Detroit car makers to do anything but pad their own nests.  And now they want us to give them money so they can keep the disaster going.  No solutions, just gimme gimme gimme.

NYT columnist David Brooks doesn’t always get it right, but he makes a solid point here. This I consider a must read for every taxpayer, then send an email to your representatives in congress.  There’s no excuse to reward failure.  If Honda and Toyota and Nissan become our largest domestic automakers it will be because they run their businesses better and offer better product.