The Mess on Fairview Besides Zoning

sos-fv-1What’s going on here?  Don’t our government agencies sync data with each other?

During the process of watching residents fight to keep the single family neighborhood just that, out of idle curiosity I followed the Downers Grove Township website to where you can check taxes for various pieces of property, check when it was last sold, and find the strike price.  Here’s a link to the page.

sos-fv-2Fairview Ministries, Inc. is the NFP (Not For Profit) that runs Fairview Village.  If you click on the image to the right you’ll see they are listed with the state as NFP in good standing since 1989, and that Richard W. Olson is listed as the agent with an address in Fairview Village itself.  Every business in Illinois has to register and be licensed with the Secretary of State (which is why DG can simply get a list from Jesse White instead of the convoluted fee scheme proposed last year that amounted to the village mugging every small business owner for some extra cash-but that’s fodder for a different story).

fv-propertiesOn the right is a graphic of a spreadsheet for these properties.  if you click on this fv-properties link, you’ll get a larger complete version you can look at and see that, according to Downers Grove Township, on November 1, 2007, they paid $4,170 for each of 12 properties, one of which had a house on it, and also one property with a house on it that they paid $750,000 for.  The township has the total of the transactions at $800,040.  Township has the purchaser down as a tax exempt entity.

County has some different information.  Although they also have the sale as tax exempt (so there were no tax stamps required), they have the buyer, and the strike price different.  The County Recorders Office has the buyer listed as Fairview Ministries Prop.  That’s as far as the buyer field goes in their records.  The woman I spoke with was insistent that the total purchase price was $4,170,000 for the 13 properties.  I relayed the pricing information I had gotten off the Downers Grove Township website for purchase price, and she repeated they had the sale as totaling $4,170,000, tax exempt, to Fairview Ministries Prop.

So the Township and the County have records of a purchase price that differs by $3,369,960.  that’s a big difference.  They might want to talk amongst themselves on that; both agencies should have the same price.

sos-fv-3The other oddity is the name county has as the buyer, Fairview Ministries Prop.  The Sec of State has Fairview Ministries Properties LLC listed on their site.  The same Richard W. Olson is listed as agent with the same address inside Fairview Village.  Only problem is, this LLC is not listed as a NFP, it’s simply listed as a domestic LLC, liable for taxes just like any other land developer.  Not telling Fairview Ministries what to do, but they might want to double check their t’s and i’s and make sure the state doesn’t come after them for real estate taxes the state thinks they owe as a non tax exempt land acquisition arm of a Not For Profit Corporation.  And if they are an NFP, which is a likely explanation, are they engaging in land speculation?

Richard W. Olson, the agent for NFP Fairview Ministries, Inc. and non NFP Fairview Ministries Properties, LLC, wears a couple hats over there, listed as President/Chief Executive Officer for Vibrant Living, and as agent for three of four other corporate entities at Fairview Village:

  • FAIRVIEW FOUNDATION dba VIBRANTLIVING FOUNDATION, listed as a NFP with David Hall as on site agent (same address)
  • FAIRVIEW MANAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT SERVICES, INC. dba VIBRANTLIVING INNOVATIONS, listed as a domestic (for profit) corporation.

If your keeping score, that four NFP’s and two for profits operating some aspect of Fairview Village.  If the state is correct that Fairview Ministries Properties, LLC is a non NFP, and the county is correct that that’s the company that bough the properties, it would seem on the surface the “holding company” may owe some taxes.

They might want to get that straightened out.  This looks like a case of Township, County, and State not having thier records in sync so they all have the same information, and it might cost FV time and/or money to straighten it out.

Footnote: While I thought the rezoning request did not meet the requirements in the muni code, Fairview Ministries Fairview Village is as good a senior facility as I’ve seen anywhere.  They do a great job, and everyone who lives there, and everyone who has a parent or relative that lives there pretty much feels the same way.


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