Strategic Plan Plans

Every goal has a strategy how to get to that goal, and every strategy has a plan.  Staff has taken it a step further with plans for specific items within the Strategic Plan.  The Plan’s plan…

Twenty one action items have been identified, massaged into fifteen discreet Strategy items, and assigned Staff Project Leaders from within the staff.

1. a. TCDIII Program
b. Update Village’s Comprehensive Plan
c. 63rd Street Corridor Plan
2. a. Unified Economic Development Plan and Strategy
b. Business Incentives: Tool Development
3. a. Façade Program: Policy and Development
b. Downtown Alley Improvement Program
4. Ogden Avenue Strategy – Implementation
5. Building Code: Update and Revision
6. Gateway/Entrance Sign Program: Development
7. Downtown Parking Study and Long-Term Plan
8. Sustainability & Best Practices: Research, Study, and Evaluation (formerly “Green” Energy
Policy and Plan: Research, Study and Direction)
9. Financial Plan (5-year) and Policies: Review & Direction, Including Alternative Revenues
10. a. Village Facilities Plan: Design, Funding and Public Education
b. Future Fire Station Location: Study and Direction
11. a. Capital Projects: Long-Range Funding, Implementation Strategy & Public Information
b. Public Works Plan and Project: Public Notification & Information
12. Health Insurance: Evaluation and Policy Direction
13. Fleet: Evaluation and Direction
14. Customer Service: Enhancement and Performance Measurement
15. Village Integrated Community-wide Brand and Marketing Plan

The first 8 items will be discussed Tuesday, then the rest later. The reports will be updated and posted on line along with the progress towards goals based on a timeline set down at the front end.

This bodes well to finally get moving on things of primary importance like the Comprehensive Plan, things neglected like new gateway signage, and things needed like a Unified Economic Development Plan and Strategy.

NOTE: There’s a typo stating the new Comp Plan would be done by April ’09.  That will be changed to a target date of April ’10.


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