Houston We Have A Problem

Red Light Cameras, the gift that keeps on giving…

RLC stopping an accident...no, wait, scratch that...

RLC stopping an accident...no, wait, scratch that...

more accidents and less safety…

I had thought about categorizing this as humor because Houston Mayor Bill White insists the increased accidents prove RLC is reducing accidents.  The news report repeats as fact the suppositions and misinformation provided by the IIHS.  I also tried to verify a Texas Transportation Instsute study that the news article says was published in December that supported the contention accidents had gone down.  No such luck, that study does not appear to exist, although I did find at TTI study from 2004 showing a slightly longer yellow decreases accidents.

The comments section is worth the read, over 350 comments, almost all negative on RLC, and on Houston Mayor Bill White for allowing RLC to happen in the first place. Don’t think that guy has an elected office in his future anymore.

In Houston it’s all about the money, about $20 million in fine revenues since September of 2006-which gets divided up with the RLC company.


One Response to “Houston We Have A Problem”

  1. Alien Says:

    “Houston Mayor Bill White was furious when he saw the report’s draft text in August. He banned the document from publication and ordered a re-writing of the text that would reflect a more positive result. To accomplish this task, White was able to turn to the study’s primary author, Rice University Urban Politics Professor Robert Stein. Stein’s wife, Marty, is employed by the city of Houston as a top aide to the mayor. Stein’s newly revised report now concludes that “red light cameras are mitigating a general, more severe increase in collisions.”

    The Truth About Cars, 1/1/09

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