Novi MI Shoves It Under Resident Noses

That’s what I’m talking about…


On-line someday?

Right now, I’m watching a city council meeting in Novi, MI.  No, they aren’t holding a meeting on Tuesday December 30th, 2008; this meeting was held on October 6, 2008.  It’s in their archive.  I just watched a part from December 15th where they interviewed potential City Council replacement candidates.

Novi’s IT/AV department makes them available on the website as streaming videos.  You can watch them anytime you want.  I was struck by the public interview application.  Anyone could see them all anytime they wanted, when it was convenient to get the information.

Paulsboro NJ, takes it  a step further, and cheaper, as I have suggested to staff in the past.  They record the council meeting and slice it up into parts small enough to post it up on You Tube.  The link goes to part 6 of 6 parts to the meeting.

Novi jobs out the storage/streaming.  We could just as easily do it in house.  Storage is cheap.  The village has servers, or better yet we could off load it to google or You Tube.  They stay up a long time.  You could stick it there, on Google video, on any of a dozen free storage sites and simply link from the village website.  School Board meetings too.  Heck with the right configuration of relatively inexpensive gear, many different meetings could be recorded and played back whenever was convenient for the viewer/taxpayer.

Take it a step further.  Last council election cycle evereyone recorded a five minute section to introduce themselves to potential voters.  They showed it several times on cable 6.  Why not make that service available, and make the resulting videos accessable via the website as streamed videos.  Anyone could watch candidates talk about themselves and the issues anytime they wanted.

No need to limit it to council candidates either.  Any elected board member: school boards, park district, interviews with resident volunteers hoping to serve on boards and commissions.  Right in front of their nose when they wanted it, when it was needed.


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