New Year, New Public Works Director

Fieldman’s first hire…

On Tuesday Dec. 30th Dave Fieldman announced the hiring of  Ms. Naneil (Nan) Newlon as the new Director of Public Works.  Ms. Robin Weaver has held the title of Interim Director of Public Works for over a year, and done an able job moving DG into a “fix it” phase for streets and flooding.  She proved to be accessible to resident concerns, and listened and incorporated input.  Affable and accommodating, residents should wish her well in her future endeavors.
Ms. Newlon brings a different skill set to the position that looks more in tune with village priorities over the next several years.  Direct from the Village Website:
Communications Office
Village of Downers Grove
Tel: 630.434.5500
Fax: 630.434.5571

Village Selects New Public Works Director

Village Manager Dave Fieldman has announced the appointment of Ms. Naneil (Nan) Newlon as the Director of Public Works. Ms. Newlon has over 17 years of public and private sector experience in public works management. She holds a Master of Public Administration Degree from Northern Illinois University, a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois and is a licensed Professional Engineer with the State of Illinois.

“Ms. Newlon has solid municipal and private sector engineering experience regarding the design and delivery of public works projects. Her familiarity with municipal budgeting and grant writing will greatly benefit the infrastructure projects within Downers Grove’s Community Investment Program,” according to Village Manager Fieldman.

As an engineer and manager within the public works field, Ms. Newlon has worked for the City of Naperville, the Naperville Park District, the Village of Woodridge and most recently as a Senior Project Manager for Christopher B. Burke Engineering West in St. Charles, Illinois.

“I’m looking forward to working with the Village Council, residents and staff in Downers Grove,” stated Ms. Newlon. “This position will allow me to use my education and experiences from both the public and private sector.”

Ms. Newlon will begin as the Director of Public Works on Monday, January 5, 2009. For more information, contact Douglas Kozlowski, Communications Director at 630-434-5550.


Ms. Newlon serves as President of the Chicago Metro Chapter of the American Public Works Association in 2003, and in March of 2008 Ms. Newlon won the  AWPA Robert Retondo Award for Outstanding Chapter Service.  In reciting her credientials, the APWA notes:

Nan Newlon has served in every role of leadership at both the branch and  chapter levels of APWA, which represents a ten year commitment, and still serves in a very active role on many committees and special assignments. Frequently organizations will see that a person having served as an active volunteer for as many years as it takes to serve as officer at both the Branch and Chapter officer levels will somewhat fade into retirement. But Nan is just the opposite – she continues to lead efforts to assemble the annual membership directory, lead the efforts to celebrate our 75th Anniversary, select a new administrative assistant, participate at Mathcounts, and any other activity which is in need of her service. In addition, she serves as Project Manager for Christopher Burke Engineering West.

That last part is probably a key in her hire.  To keep costs contained as much as possible in the next few lean years, village staff will have to do as much in-house as possible, and having a PW head with PE project management experience for street and flood projects can only help that cause.

Welcome to DG Ms. Newlon!


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