Wherein I pull a fast one on Mrs. Thoman.

Yeah I took a bit of grief for writing about Mooch’s demise, especially after it looked like she would make a comeback.  But I have to say, the little bit of grief I took was good natured, and was more than offset by kind thoughts and told stories by others about losing their loved pets.

And I’ve always had a cat.  I like dogs too, don’t get me wrong, but given the choice I’ve always ended up with one or two cats.

We got Mooch from the West Suburban Humane Society here in DG.  WSHS is a no-kill facility.  Unlike animal control facilities they don’t put down any pets there, but patiently wait for folks to come by and pick up a pet.  Some stay there a long time.  If you check their website they have adoptions you can check out.

What I didn’t know was there’s a lot of facilities like WSHS, and they all have amnimals that would love homes.  Idly killing time I also came across thiscompilation site, Petfinder.  Petfinder is kind of like, but for pets.  Put in some search parameters and it rolls out what’s available based on distance from your zip code.  It’s pretty cool, and has a ton of information to boot.

So I was looking at cats, idly killing time, punching in different parameters, seeing what was out there, and found a couple cats that looked, well, needed.  A bit pitiful, a bit scared, had been around their facilities for a while.  They were over in Naperville at ADOPT.   I showed a couple to Mrs. T and got the “don’t need a pet right now” answer.

So one snowy Sunday after shoveling I conned Jaci into taking a ride to kill some time.  What can it hurt to look at some cats?  And what do you know, one of them acted just as pitiful and scared and needy as Mooch did when we found her (she found us?).  Jaci knew she had been had when I pulled out a completed adoption sheet I had downloaded on-line and filled out that morning.  Just in case.

So we have new cat, Libby.  She was saved from the Fox Valley Animal Control Facility by ADOPT in Naperville, has all her shots, is spayed, trained, and really, really appreciates having a home.

If you’re ever thinking of adopting a pet, or know a friend that is, check out Petfinder.


One Response to “Libby”

  1. Elaine Johnson Says:

    Awww. I’m thrilled for you all.

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