Ethics In DG Not That Bad Pt2

Could be worse-Could be Aurora!

An email from Ron Sandack:
Dear Friends:
It is admittedly with a small sense of local pride that I am sending you the article below. Many may remember back in September/October of 2007 when the Downers Grove Village Council was discussing proposed improvements to its ethics and campaign rules. At that time the Council really was only looking at these potential new rules through the lens of our community. The circumstances prevailing for several years leading up to the last municipal election was ripe for some potential problems and community-wide blemishes. Certainly we were cognizant of the Ryan/Blagojevich issues, but our motivating concern was to avoid any further comparisons with towns that had histories of political shenanigans; we desired a return to small town elections based upon merit rather than political fund raising abilities and the attendant issues that always seem to accompany political money. So, we banned political contributions from all vendors doing business with the Village and prescribed a shortened period of time for the opening and closing of campaign accounts to prevent non-stop fundraising for those in public service in Downers Grove. We also strengenthed our gift ban act and enacted a local “bill of rights” for residents. Who knew that we’d be so far ahead of the curve? As time marches ahead –especially as more information becomes made public as to our current Governor — I predict other villages are likely to catch up and adopt rules like ours here in Downers Grove. Again, see more below which comes from a Naperville website entitled “Wurfwhile“–
Best regards.

5 Responses to “Ethics In DG Not That Bad Pt2”

  1. Elaine Johnson Says:

    Just curious, Thoman:

    Who was the e-mail sent to? Were you on the list or did someone forward a copy?

  2. markthoman Says:

    Just an email that he sent out probably to many others as well. Several elected public officials in other cities and villages have been, how do you say it politely…corrupt SOB idiots.

  3. Red Fred Says:

    “Certainly we were cognizant of the Ryan/Blagojevich issues, but our motivating concern was to avoid any further comparisons with towns that had histories of political shenanigans”

    Further comparisons?

    Makes you wonder why there were ANY comparisons to begin with.

    Or maybe just confirms suspisions.

  4. markthoman Says:

    Red Red Red…

    Our whole state is a mess, the county wants transportation money to pay for Birkett’s lawyers and Zaruba’s prison guards, and federal stimulus money to make the county complex even grander, other cities and villages are a morass of troubles…

    DG is looking pretty good. Be happy.

  5. Red Fred Says:

    MT MT MT..

    But I agree!

    Things in DG have taken a huge turn for the better in the last few years. Our current mayor is the one leading the charge and I for one hope to see the trend continue.

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