Red Light Camera: One Month, One Camera, $709,900 in Fines

$tick 'em up
$tick ’em up

Schaumburg sidles up to the money mill.

Red Speed collects a $1,499.00 monthly fee from the Village and $35.94 per ticket. With 7,099 tickets written that comes to an astounding total of $256,637.06 in potential revenue for Red Speed in the first 38 days of operation of the camera.

No word yet if the camera has been effective in reducing traffic accidents.

woodfield-and-meacham1Don’t hold your breath.  The camera is at Woodfield and Meacham, a huge intersection pretty much inside the Woodfield Mall area, and the fines are mostly rolling right turns.  At peak hours, thousands of cars traverse this intersection every hour.  Here, potential revenue based on volume of traffic was the primary consideration rather than safety.

One Response to “Red Light Camera: One Month, One Camera, $709,900 in Fines”

  1. dgombudsman Says:

    This link will bring you to the story of Schaumburg pulling the plug on the cameras.

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